Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why I hate Valentines Day (originally 2/10)

oh hai. It's been a while since I've blogged. Mainly due to lack of excitement, and having a dull life. So here is my latest rant.
I hate Valentine's Day. hatehatehate.
I have 2 reasons why, it's a 40/60%.
First reason, when I was a tween, I had a boyfriend one year. It was awkward, the exchanging of cheap gifts, and I felt obligated to like, be a better girlfriend or whatever. I didn't even like the guy, but he liked me, and I thought there were rules. So when I got older, I dreaded the holiday, because I knew I would be alone, and that wasn't really the problem, but I will get to that in a sec. So my 1st "real" Valentines as an adult, we were apart, and he was wining and dining his wife I didn't know about. Asshole. More hatred for the "holiday". So the following year, it wasn't that bad, I was with a guy, we went to dinner, there were flowers, no pressure, it was nice. Of course the following year most of my stuff was in boxes, and I was looking for a place to live. So all the ones since THAT asshole, have been with Scott. I have enjoyed every one of them with him, because he appreciates my hatred and keeps them simple. Last year was the best one ever. We got dressed, he took me to get the tattoo on my foot, we ate amazing food, and went to see a horror movie.
So here is my deal. It isn't all "poor me never had a b/f as a teen", but I see now, mostly because I watch a lot of "iCarly", and see the advertisements on Teen Nick, is they started a month ago with all the Valentine b.s. I think it puts pressure on young kids to think they need a b/f or g/f during this time, and the uglies/fatties/nerds will just be miserable when the day comes. I used to dread it, the commercials, the Lifetime specials, and then the day would come and I would make sure I stayed at home, because I knew if i went to a restaurant, I would have to see all the couples, and more than likely, I was with my mom. When I got older, Steven or Jason and I would usually go somewhere, but it was still the same, geez-I-hate-this feeling. Even though now, I am happily married, and will have a Valentine forever, I still see the hoopla and it makes me feel awkward, but now I feel bad for all the kids and teens who are like I was. I wish I could tell myself back then that it doesn't really matter, and just treat it like another day, and life isn't all about having a boyfriend, or people knowing you have a boyfriend. So even though my message won't really reach any kids of that age, I am hoping if any adults feel the same way, it really isn't a big deal, go through your favorite drive thru, order a boatload of food, and chow down w/ your favorite tv show, and facebook/twitter like a mofo. Or maybe that's just my perfect self date night :)

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