Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bad weather (from 4/24/10)

So I am super nervous about the bad weather today. They've been talking about it all week, a lot of events were canceled today. So far all we've had is rain, and some lightning. There was a bad tornado in Mississippi. The threat is going on until 9pm tonight. I hope all the folks at Talladega will be safe.
Also, 3 kittens showed up last night. The mama cat died under the house, so I'm trying to feed them. They keep looking for her, it's sad. Luci is NO help, all she does is hiss at them. She's such a twat.

Well it's 10:04pm, and we made it through the day, not even with that much rain. I know a lot of people were hit and are having to do without, so I am very thankful to God for keeping us safe.

We went to see "The Losers" this afternoon. Awesome movie. Can't wait to buy it on DVD.

Ready for the race tomorrow!

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