Wednesday, June 2, 2010

4-29-10 (originally)

Today was Jupiters buttcrack...I knew something was up when Nellie stayed in her room until the very last minute, and then she comes out with knee socks and her Easter dress on, panties and bra visible through the material. I calmly told her I could see the skivvies, to hurry and change before the bus got here. She stands there. I seriously wanted to beat her face with a hairbrush. She missed the bus the 1st round, but when it turned around she made it. In blue jeans and a tshirt. So I go to make the bed. What, may you ask was where my feet lay all night? Yeah, it was cat vomit. Luci is a whore. So, I go to feed the 3 abandoned kitties. Yeah, there was poo. As in fecal matter. On the floor. They were in the pet taxi, so I am assuming they put their little furry butts up to the bar and pooped out. By this time I have a pounding headache, but no fear, KAMREN is here. The only time he got in trouble was when he poured out all 20 oz of my drink in the floor. I was just about to pop his butt(yeah right) when he started "I SOWWRY"...oh it broke my heart. So he just sat on the couch for about, oh 2 minutes. So we get in the car to go pick up Nellie from school, I back out of the driveway, then realize I forgot my Blackberry. This annoys me. I pull back in, kill the car, get the keys, the phone, and we're back in business. Kamren's yelling he wants to go to the park, so I figured if I take the long way to school, he'll get distracted and forget. I am about 10 minutes away, and I notice the a/c decides to NOT work, I glance at the temp gauge, and I am running hot. I panic, call Scott, and duh, he tells me to put water in it. Not a retard here. I knew that. So I fill it up, but by the time I get to the school, it's running hot again. I get Nellie, and pull into the gas station across from the school. They have no water hose. Don't even sell gallons of water. So I paid $5 for a 12 pack of mini Desani waters. This was a dumb move considering the radiator is busted and all the water leaked out on the ground. I call Scott again, who I assume is on his way, to tell him where we are, and he said not to drive it if the hose is busted (as I assumed). 2 hours later he comes, puts water in it, and tells me to drive it. This annoys me, but he really didn't know what was wrong with it either, so I wasn't mad about that. I was annoyed Kamren in the back seat, he was hot and cranky, but there was nothing I could do, and I know Nellie was tired in the front seat. Her daddy asked why didn't I call someone to come get her....well if it was my kid stranded I would've left work, but that's just me. People do things differently here I have noticed. But its all good, the car is home, the new radiator will be here tomorrow. I may even have a home for the kittens.
I was shocked today to witness a drug deal. Right there off the highway. In front of a middle school!! DUDES!! At least go to some shady side road....
I need to go to bed. It's 2:25am.
The broken air conditioner is still..broken. Rodney said he knew a guy that could come check it, so maybe I can breathe soon after all...and speaking of which, the dead cat in our vents smelled particularly jank today. Good times here between the Montevallo and Alabaster City Limits!!! That's one more thing..we are not in Montevallo, nor Alabaster City Limits. Our mail comes from the Montevallo P.O., but everything else is Alabaster. WHY can't we get our mail from the Maylene P.O.? It's a mile away. I feel so alone in no man's land. We are considered "county" area. Well that makes me want to put on an orange jumpsuit...

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