Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pics I like & people I love (from 5-14-10)

This was an accident, I was trying to get the fish in the water, but ended up getting our feet at the edge of the water, and our shadows where I was holding his hand

Scott....we's married now! Okay, so 5 years ago..but still.. in Brooke

My father looks petrified, my Mother has a wierd smile, and I look photoshopped in. I haven't worn that horrible shirt OR skirt since that day. However, I think this is the only pic of all 3 of us in existence....

And here is Pasty. Or Steven, whatever. He shows a lot of buttcrack. But, as far as brother in law's go..he'll do.

My MeMaw and Papa..and me...before I discovered bread and cheese.

Hayden...10 years later, and he's still my favorite kid.

Sunshine....I has one..

No clue why she's got the Children of the Corn look going on..

She copied my "style"

Thank you nice old lady who offered to take our picture

My favorite..

This is super special, because I had to climb up in the slide to take it.

Tracy, me, Chad...

This is Slash...he will father my unborn children :)

And Jess..she will mother my unborn children...

Because I am awesome, that's why

Some of my favorite people..

Jordan and Alysia..this pic sums their personalities perfectly :)

Let us not forget the Beefaroni incident..

Scott, me, my mother in law Faye, Deb...this was Faye's last trip home. I love and miss her very much..

Nellie, when I took her to Natchitoches..

Hunter..possible the cutest cousin I have.

Well I am out of space now..there are many many people I love...

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