Friday, June 21, 2013

Recipes: Alfredo Chicken and Broccoli

I cooked again. Twice in one week. I don't like it.
I am clearly aware that my food pics are not "blog worthy". I keep it real.
I discovered the reason I never liked Chicken Alfredo was because of the fettuccine. I have been missing out on alfredo sauce all of these years.
Cue the violins.

Anyway, this doesn't really count as cooking, it was super easy yet delish.

Scott came up with it, as we were looking at a couple of Pinterest recipes, and as usual, we find a recipe we like, and then take out most everything and insert the things we like.

So here is what I did.

I cut up 4 chicken breasts. Kind of diced it, but I have issues with diced chicken, so it looked more like what you find in a McDonald's grilled chicken salad.
I washed it, then seasoned it with all the seasonings in my pantry. (Garlic powder, garlic salt, lemon pepper, white pepper, and some kind of chicken rub)
I set it in the fridge for a couple of hours.
I swished some olive oil in the skillet, browned the chicken.
I threw a bag of steam-it-in-the-microwave broccoli in the microwave.
I added a jar of Ragu Classic Alfredo sauce (because it's the best) to the chicken mixture.
When the broccoli was done, I cut it open, yelled because it always burns me, added it to the mixture.
I let it sit for about ten minutes, then made Scott try it.

Paula Deen got fired, y'all. I could be the next her, minus racial slurs.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Recipes: Sausage Pasta

Oh y'all. You have to try this. It is wonderful for so many reasons.
A) It's simple. Always a plus.
B) It's yummy for my tummy.
Well that's about it, but still....make this!!

What you need:
A swish of olive oil.
Smoked sausage. I use Polska Kielbasa.
8 oz (ish)pasta of your choice. I love farfalle, but I had rotini on hand, so that was that.
Diced onions. A cup and a half. Ish.
2 cloves of minced garlic. Chopped, cut, whatever. Scott did it.
10 oz can of Rotel. Your choice of spiciness. I am a wuss, I use medium.
2 cups of chicken broth.
Half a cup of heavy cream.
A pack of shredded cheese. Your choice. I use Colby Jack.
Salt and pepper.

Swish the olive oil in your skillet.
Brown the onions and sausage on medium high heat. First I didn't have it high enough, then it was too high.
So dramatic. Cook until brown, or as long as it takes your husband to do whatever he did to the garlic cloves.
Add garlic cloves.

Stir about a minute.
Add everything but the cheese. Add the pasta in dry, no pre boiling. I have to admit this is why this recipe caught my eye.
Turn the heat to high, stir, stir, until boiling.
Watch it boil, and complain that "there is no way this pasta is going to cook all sticking out like this".

Reduce heat to low-medium, put a lid on it.
Stalk it for 15 minutes ish.
I added a swish more of heavy cream because I was convinced it wasn't going to soften the pasta.
It did. It was perfect.
Add a cup of shredded cheese, it should melt instantly. I suppose using one cup total would be enough, but I <3 cheese. Add the rest of the cheese on top, put the lid on it, get your plate, your beverage, make someone try it first. It's super creamy and delish!!!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

June...part one & the stapler thief.

Saturday the 1st
One of my best friends on earth got married. Finally. Took them over ten years to figure it out....
Like on my own wedding day, I had a headache of mammoth proportions. Unlike them, however, I got married in the winter. When it isn't hot. I am looking at YOU, Brandy....

How many men does it take to hang a door?

Work, and watching tv with the dogs. Yep.

Wisdom from Brad Meltzer

Bad storm today, knocked out the electricity all day, and became a life ruiner for the people across the street:

An off day with no electricity + semi-migraine + a meeting at work. This was a day to poop on.

Shug was not a fan of the thunder:

A text conversation between me and the boss lady:

They don't understand the need for my stapler.

Just chillin' with Gandalf:

Can't even bother to hold her must be so tiring for her:

The Halo RevelationsThe Halo Revelations by J.S. Colley

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I didn't dislike it, but when I finished it, I just kind of went "meh". It held my attention for 34 chapters, which is more than I can say for some Free Kindle books. Interesting plot.

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I spent a good hour of my life trying to figure out how to delete my KIK messenger account. I finally just uninstalled it....

I spent the majority of my non working hours organizing pics by year on my website. Rebecca came over to screech at me help.

My bank no longer posts my paycheck as soon as I deposit it, I have to wait until the following day. This has rocked my entire world.

Friday the 14th
Nice off day, spent it with the mom.
Scored some bling:

Grocery shopping with the husband...saw this on the way:

I said "is that a van hearse?" He said "can't everybody afford a Cadillac.."

So there you go. Two glorious weeks into my life.