Sunday, June 16, 2013

June...part one & the stapler thief.

Saturday the 1st
One of my best friends on earth got married. Finally. Took them over ten years to figure it out....
Like on my own wedding day, I had a headache of mammoth proportions. Unlike them, however, I got married in the winter. When it isn't hot. I am looking at YOU, Brandy....

How many men does it take to hang a door?

Work, and watching tv with the dogs. Yep.

Wisdom from Brad Meltzer

Bad storm today, knocked out the electricity all day, and became a life ruiner for the people across the street:

An off day with no electricity + semi-migraine + a meeting at work. This was a day to poop on.

Shug was not a fan of the thunder:

A text conversation between me and the boss lady:

They don't understand the need for my stapler.

Just chillin' with Gandalf:

Can't even bother to hold her must be so tiring for her:

The Halo RevelationsThe Halo Revelations by J.S. Colley

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I didn't dislike it, but when I finished it, I just kind of went "meh". It held my attention for 34 chapters, which is more than I can say for some Free Kindle books. Interesting plot.

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I spent a good hour of my life trying to figure out how to delete my KIK messenger account. I finally just uninstalled it....

I spent the majority of my non working hours organizing pics by year on my website. Rebecca came over to screech at me help.

My bank no longer posts my paycheck as soon as I deposit it, I have to wait until the following day. This has rocked my entire world.

Friday the 14th
Nice off day, spent it with the mom.
Scored some bling:

Grocery shopping with the husband...saw this on the way:

I said "is that a van hearse?" He said "can't everybody afford a Cadillac.."

So there you go. Two glorious weeks into my life.

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