Saturday, November 16, 2013

The best half of November ever!!

Nov 1st-
I worked 3 hours and then VACAAAAAAATION started!!!! Bailey and I went to El Nopal where I ordered a delicious bowl of guacamole...

Or not. I wasn't even going to argue with the guy.

Scott had to work 3-11 for an event, so I spent the evening at home watching NCIS:LA.

Look who got dressed up!!

My good thing: VACAAAAATION
My bad thing: I woke up at 4:04am, so I went to bed at 8:30pm

Nov 2nd-

I am not sure why I got up at 6am on VACAAAATION, but I did. I watched NCIS:LA until Bailey and Serenity got here and then she and I watched Paranormal Activity 1,2,& 3, Hocus Pocus, and The Grinch. Awesome day.

Bailey and I were crammed on the loveseat, then Callie decided to join us:

My good thing:^^^^^^
My bad thing: I wanted pizza, but despite my efforts, I could not order it online.

Nov 3-

Scott and I went to Leesville to get our Arby's on. Pretty much laid around and watched TV all day. The floor was freezing, so I put a blanket on the floor for Callie. She sniffed it, eyeballed it, walked around it. She doesn't like change.

She finally got cold enough to get on it.

Nov 4-
I slept until 9:30am. It was heavenly. Currently watching NCIS:LA, which is my only goal for today. No word on when Lily may can come home, but if she isn't home in 2 days I will drive to Shreveport just so I can hold her once.

Now I am not judging anyone's Halloween/Fall decor, but arranging your pumpkins on a poker table and a 5 gallon bucket...even I wouldn't go there.

I am not sure why our Mother likes Bailey the best:

Nov. 5th-

My thankful thing and my good thing all rolled into one:

She still has to stay for a few more days in the hospital, which is my bad thing, but SOON!!! she will be home. I will shut up now since I got to finally hold her and rub her fat cheeks.

Nov 6th-
I spent way too much time cleaning Scott's bathroom. How can a bald man accumulate so much hair at the base of the shower?

I was going to finish the last 2 discs in Elementary, but disc 6 was not in the Netflix sleeve. It's a sign from Above that I need to stop lallygagging and finish cleaning the house.
Oh and praise be the Lord, I just walked back from the mailbox to return the wrong DVD, and a downpour came right as I walked in. Well played...

My good thing: The Stars beat the Bruins
My bad thing: I feel like I have the flu, only not dead

Nov 7th-
For this entire vacation, I have only slept past 6am ONCE.
Went to town with Rebecca, made a mental note of all the things I want for my birthday and Christmas, then I coerced her into coming over and hanging a curtain, because let's face it, if I did it, it would be crooked.

After living here since April, I finally covered the bathroom window. Sorry, neighbors.

Bailey came over to watch hockey so my team will for sure win. They did, in overtime. She also had a cat in her shirt.

Dude!! I bought this rug for $2.99!!!!

Which happens to be My good thing ^^^
My bad thing: I can't shake this headache. I am not a fan.

Nov 8th-

Since she still isn't coming home, Happy one-month old day to Lily!!!

I actually laid in bed until 9am. Like a rebel.
This is my last vacation day to do nothing, tomorrow I have places to go, people to avoid. Sunday I go back to work.
And OMG on Fringe!!! I am in the middle of season 3. Olivia/Leonard Nimoy. My mouth drops...

Nov 9th-
Last day of vacation. It's been relaxing, but nothing happened as planned. Lily is still in the hospital, and I didn't do any yard work or clean out my spare room. Today was plan-filled, and yet I have only left the bedroom to clean the living room and do the dishes.
So far I have watched 4 discs of NCIS:LA, so the day wasn't a total bust. I knocked over a glass of Kool Aid on top of my phone, books, magazine, and my very treasured Game Program from my last Braves game.

The Alabama/LSU game was fantastic.
I was so into it at the end that when I picked up the basket of clothes in front of the washer/dryer, I folded them, put them away, and hung up what needed to be hung up. When I got to the very bottom of the basket I noticed a rug from the bathroom. It was slightly damp. Then I said O...M...G. The entire basket was dirty. I unfolded dirty socks, dug out the dirty underwear, took off hangers the dirty pants....and them put them all in the washing machine. Big fat fail. Now I am smelling everything before I put it on to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Lantern in the MistLantern in the Mist by Liliana Shelbrook

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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I am enjoying the books from this series more and more.
Carved in Bone (Body Farm, #1)Carved in Bone by Jefferson Bass

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Nov 10-
Yay back to work.
I suppose that could be my good and bad thing. I am very thankful to have a job, because it isn't easy here to find a job that doesn't suck, but I would rather have spent today in my comfy bed with Callen and Deeks.

Nov 11-
I am convinced my bedroom is haunted. When I got off work I changed clothes and went straight to watching NCIS:LA. I was on the bed, watching the show on the laptop, and the screen kept doing weird things like I was right clicking on the mouse. I was not right clicking on the mouse, I wasn't touching it. It got so bad I couldn't even shut the laptop down normally, I had to hold the button down. While I was waiting for everything to reboot, I grabbed the Kindle. If you own one, you know that when you tap the middle of the screen while reading, it pulls up a bar at the bottom and top to navigate. Only when you tap the screen. It kept doing it over and over, minus me touching it. I just left the room I was freaking out. I go back in, the laptop is normal, but my closet door was OPEN!! It was not open before, there is no way I could lay it bed with it open. Scott said it was because when I closed it earlier there was a shirt there, but I was officially freaked. And that's not ALL. Later, Scott came in the bedroom, then left. It drives me nutso when Callie's nails drag against the floor. I could hear her at the foot of the bed, and said to Scott "omg you let her in here, she's driving me nuts". Yeah....Callie was not in the bedroom. I am doomed.
My good thing: I didn't die
My bad thing: I am going to die

Nov 12-
It's supposed to get super cold tonight. I am excited!
My good thing: Pizza for dinner!!
My bad thing: I am really wanting a Dt Mtn Dew. Day 4.....

Nov 13-

Happy Birthday to me!!!!
I had a good day, Lori Tate sang to me, I was showered in gifts. 2 gifts, but whatever.
I got cake...

I didn't have to cook dinner, we had Chili's takeout.

And I am preparing for slumber....I receive a Tweet
Little Texas birthday blog

I finally went to sleep.
Great birthday.

My good thing: the entire day
My bad thing: I MISSED THEM SINGING TO ME!!!!!!!!

Nov 14-
Look who made the paper, yo!

Went with Scott and Kayla for my birthday dinner, caught up with old friends. Stuffed my face.
The sky was beautiful on the way:

My good thing: I actually had a good time interacting with real people
My bad thing: I can't shake these sinus issues

Nov 15-
Off day!!!! Bailey and I, of course went to El Nopal for lunch..

A pic of her and her BFF:

And because she admitted to never reading my blog, she will never see the original pic I took:

My good thing: I got a new porch mat

My bad thing:
My lovely dog....

I just bought them yesterday, she not only ate the sock in two places, but she ate the wrapping, which was all over the floor

So there you go. Part one of November.
I leave you with a picture from my cousin's house. The stockings for Scott, Hayden, Logan, and Tracy

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Where Little Texas makes my birthday

To fully understand my excitement, you may need to refresh your memory with my previous Little Texas blog

So my birthday was going great, it was getting dark, I was snuggled on the couch watching NCIS:LA, and then my phone went off. I see this:

I bounce on the couch and scream until my neighbors probably thought I was having a weird sex party.

I text everyone.

I call my mom. I thinking they were mocking me for fangirling, but who cares?

I go back to watching tv, with a giddy smile on my face.


I fly off the couch, grab the laptop, wifi signal.

I sprint down the hallway and go to Scott's's off.
Do you remember how long it takes to get a desktop to boot up?

33 minutes later I am finally online and on the site, but it was just silent.
I heard nothing. I pouted for a good 30 minutes.

I tweet them back, and thank them for making my birthday.

And they respond!!!!

And I died again.

And I love this chick Heather, she made my whole day.

Rebecca also made my day with a picture of Lily...who is still in the hospital:

Friday, November 1, 2013

October, Lily, vacation, and I whine a little.

Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. - (Philippians 4:6)

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! For me anyway.

I made sure everyone I spoke to today knows that this is my favorite month of the year.
My good thing: It's October!!!!
My bad thing: My shins are killing me.

I was glad when this day ended.
My good thing: A small McDonalds fry for lunch.
My bad thing: Pretty much the rest of the day.

I know y'all don't care about my reproductive system, but the cramps and pains were so bad today I spent my entire shift at work on a heating pad. I did all my paper work, but other than that I failed.
After work several of us went to Papa's Bar and Grill. It was nom.
My good thing: Free cheese sticks.
My bad thing: The Braves lost the first game of the playoffs.

So I went to the Dr. with Rebecca.. Who found out 5 weeks ago that she is pregnant.
The baby, Lily, will be here Tuesday.
In 3 days.
Yeah....this month's blog just got a whole lot more interesting.
My good thing: I had a cheeseburger for dinner, the Braves won.
My bad thing: Not mentally prepared to be a good example for my niece.

Off day! Went to buy groceries, ate lunch, then spent the rest of the day cleaning.
My good thing- PIZZA!!!!!
My bad thing- It was SO hot and muggy.

I have so much to do today, and yet I lay on the couch watching the Braves game. It has felt so nice outside today, I have the windows open now and I am loving it!!! I wait all year for this day. Tomorrow Rebecca will be admitted and then soon Lily will be here!!!!
When we went walking, we always stop at the bridge. This nasty thick foam stuff was in the water.

My good thing: Leftover pizza!!!!
My bad thing: The Braves are losing this series.


Click here to see Lily!!!


Lily is in NICU in Shreveport, they took out the breathing tube. Hopefully she can come home in a week or so. Rebecca will get to come home tomorrow (my good thing). I can't imagine having a baby and having to come home without her(my bad thing).

What you're seeing here is more rare than a sprinting gazelle frollicking after a hot pink mother in a picture.


I slept until 10am and now I am catching up on all of my shows.
Cleaned house and went grocery shopping.

My good thing: ^^ that picture
My bad thing: *note to self* stay away from alcohol for a very long time


I am so ready for her to come home so I can hold her.

When the Alabama game and NASCAR race were coming on, it started to rain and we lost signal. Scott handled it well:

My good thing: Had a nice day at home, watched all my DVR'd shows
My bad thing: Headache and nausea. Totally alcohol related.


In what universe?

My good thing: The Walking Dead is back!!!
My bad thing: It kinda sucked

A day of unevents.
My good thing: I finished the first disc of Elementary. Outstanding.
My bad thing: So very tired.

She gets it from me.

I am still tired, but determined not to slack on my exercise today.
It's looking like Lily will get to come home this weekend. I canNOT wait!!!!

My good thing: Air conditioning.
My bad thing: I totally didn't exercise.

Off day!! Got my flu shot. I could be dead.

My good thing: This awesome lamp^^^^^^
My bad thing: Still no sleep.

Apparently I am not splitting this blog into two parts, I just realized it was already the 17th.
One of my favorite guests at the hotel left today. He didn't know today was going to be his last day, so my last memory at least won't be a sad one. He was cool. And so old.
My good thing: It's payday!!
My bad thing: My blood sugar is over 400 and I feel like crap.

Off day!!! It is a beautiful, sunny, 55 degrees this morning. No word on Lily :(
This has been the longest October ever. And I love that!!!

Callie doesn't like to share her food, but the kitten is a bigger badass. Callie would take a bite, snarl her lip, take a bite, snarl her lip....And yes I feed them in the living room, that way I can play referee AND watch Criminal Minds.

3 1/2 years later, and I still haven't recovered from this evening:
The worst late night snack ever

My good thing: SLEEEEEEEEEP.
My bad thing: This Paranormal Activity 5 trailer

Great googlie mooglie this work day is vicious!!
Update on Lily, health wise she is getting so much better, but on the downside she doesn't want to eat, so she can't come home. She is 11 days old and I haven't got to hold her, and I have only seen her right after she was born. This sucks, she is delaying me being the best aunt ever.

My good thing: The weather is amazing!!
My bad things: Mean hateful people.

My mother is awesome. The end.

My good thing: I went to bed at 5:30pm
My bad thing: Asleep at 5:30pm, I accomplished nada.

My good thing: I have discovered Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman
My bad thing: There are only 3 episodes a season, & I have to watch online.

My good thing: Sherlock and my comfy bed.
My bad thing: I miss Lily so much, and I haven't officially met her yet!

My good thing: Chocolate ice cream.
My bad thing: 10 long days til vacation.

I cooked:
Burrito Lasagna

My good thing: Had bonding time with the fam.
My bad thing: I have failed as a sister. Bailey says, while we were watching hockey, "so it's like baseball!!"

I cooked!!!
Divine Potato & Chicken Dish
And Happy Birthday to a great friend, Virgil

My good thing: I watched Bones and Elementary all day.
My bad thing: The "chicken" incident.


30 Pieces of Silver (Betrayed, #1)30 Pieces of Silver by Carolyn McCray

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

So when they find the bones of Christ, in crucified form, i.e. Crown of Thorns, the pierced hands and feet, it turns out it is in fact, Judas, who took Jesus' place. Get off of my Kindle, trash.

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The Bones of Odin (Matt Drake, #1)The Bones of Odin by David Leadbeater

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My good thing: Bubba Wallace won his first race. It makes me happy to see anyone win for the first time, but especially a drive I like and follow.

My bad thing: I went to sleep, Scott woke me up, then I laid there for hours. Pouting.

Oct. 27th:
Lily will possibly get to come home Friday. It's been 19 days....Haven't seen her yet. I am whining, I know.

If anyone wants to buy me this door rack , I will totally give you my mailing address.

My good thing: 4 1/2 more work days then VACATION!!
My bad thing: Those 4 1/2 days....

Oct 28th-
My good thing: I discovered Earl Grey Tea.
My bad thing: Life-ruining headache.

Oct 29th-
I cooked. Again. Creamy Beef & Rice

My good thing: Another day closer to vacation and Lily coming home.
My bad thing: I'm totally over this 2-day headache

Oct 30th-
Now they are saying Lily may get to come home Monday, Nov 3. Sigh. She's going to have teeth before I get to see her.

My good thing: ^^^^^^
My bad thing: ^^^^^^^

Oct 31:
Happy Halloweener!! It was raining so hard that my 10 step walk from the driveway to the truck resulted in pouring water out of my shoes. My absolute favorite day of the year, you'd think I'd be happy right? Wrong-o.
Work was very long and horrible. My legs started hurting so bad I was a bawling mess. I had two trick or treaters. I didn't get home til late, and didn't have time to go do my traditional fun things with my sister.

My good thing: I am one work shift away from vacation.
My bad thing: I am one more work shift away from vacation.

Let me leave you with a picture of the most perfect baby in the world.