Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013

Feb 1-
Callie is pretending to beg for food, but really, is avoiding Creepy Katie on the tv screen.

OHH!!! Watch this:

Feb 2-
I keep finding Summer's Eve all over this store. What. Is. The. Deal?!?

Feb 3-
Saw this dude on Keyser Bridge in #Natchitoches

Feb 4-
This is most definitely me:

Feb 5-
Oh look they put some chips in my bag of air.

Feb 6-

Feb 7-
True story=

Feb 8-
A very symmetrical Taco Salad. It was nom.

Feb 9-
I told Scott to smile. Then I went "oh crap! Nevermind."
The blizzard "up north" is getting intense. This is an actual picture from Rodney Lacroix's front yard.

Oh, and buy his book- Things Go Wrong For Me

Feb 10-
This is the first time I have even sat down to eat dinner next to someone in a restaurant wearing pajamas.
Why I ever go to Leesville:

The Grammy's were tonight, but I was watching The Walking Dead. Priorities, man.

Feb 11-
Being a troll.

Feb 12-
So the Pope resigned. These are some Tweets that made me slightly giggle:

But my personal favorite pic:

Feb 13-

Feb 14-
My original post was going to be:

but then he goes and does this:

Well crap.
I bought him a tshirt.

He has a man crush on Daryl.
We didn't do anything but sleep when we got home from work, he got up and made a sandwich, and I think I ate sugar free ice cream and a some chopped up cucumber.
Facebook was heckling me:

Feb 15-
My front yard:


Feb 16-
Went to Jason's to eat and be friendly, or whatever normal people do.
I totally smoked his kids in basketball. #NoShame

I saw this guy in a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and pajamas. Nothing screams "I AM FROM TEXAS" more than this:

Feb 17-
This was a wasted off day. The only productive thing I did was clean the bathroom. I watched NASCAR qualifying, napped, ate Chili's take out, and listened to Mumford and Sons. I even watched an hour special on Mumford and Sons.
There aren't many bands I would like to see live, but they are on my bucket list. Which now only contains them and Gary Allan. Everyone else I have seen.
Scott is working overnight again, so I don't plan on sleeping much, even when he is here I moan and groan because he's breathing on me, taking up too much space, night sweats, blahblah.
I think I'm gonna grab my iPod, season 6 of Bones, and a fuzzy blanket and call it a night.

Feb 18-
No reason. Just because they're adorable.

Feb 19-

Feb 20-
Fine Louisiana cuisine.

Feb 21-

Feb 22-
What it looks like when he tries to see

Feb 23-
Something tells me this isn't the first time she has jumped up on the ottoman:

Feb 24-
Daytona 500. Meh.
Oscars. They were okay.

Scott however, was thrilled at dinner tonight:

Feb 25-

Tornado warnings and a bomb threat. Happy Monday.

Feb 26-
Good day at work.
Yummy dinner at Hana's.
I had a Spicy Shrimp Roll and House Fried Rice, Scott had some yummy kind of roll with House Fried Rice, and Kayla had Crawfish Etoufee that I possibly stole a bite of.
Fried Alligator:

Feb 27-
Today I decided that I needed to get away for a few days. I tried to think of things Scott and I both enjoy, and laying in bed reading and sitting on the couch playing Playstation was all I could come up with. I thought about a NASCAR race. The closest one to us was Texas Motor Speedway, and the only seats they have available are right on the main front stretch. No thanks, I'd rather not have a flaming motor dumped on me. Talladega was the same way, and even with my employee discount from *hotel chain*, the rates were still gouged. Pfft.
So, I decided on seeing the Braves play. And guess what. I couldn't find not one game where the Braves play the Astros. I asked people I knew, Googled it, and oh yeah, the Astros are now in the American League, therefore, no Braves. I'd rather not go all the way to Atlanta.
So, back to the bed and couch we go.
I made a super yummy new thing for dinner, but I forgot to take a picture of it to blog it. I will definitely make it again.
What exactly is Amish Mafia about?
Rebecca I changed my blog background for the first time in probably a year. Not sure if I love it or not.
I can't stop watching the show Strip the City. Strangely, I feel like I need to know what kind of rock a city is built on.
How adorable is this?

Feb 28-
When my alarm went off at 5:20am, I glanced at my phone and saw this:

I about fell out of the bed. Do you know who Mark Wohlers is? Of course you do, otherwise we are not friends. Just so you can be assured he is who you think he is, he is indeed the Atlanta Braves closer from 1991-1999.

So I get to work, and see this across from our building:

I go into total stalk mode.
I knew of course, there were no Hendrick Motor Drivers at the hotel, HOWEVER, I can stalk whomever is driving this truck.

So I had breakfast...

My excited face...

We got some new artwork today...It's taller than some people that work there.

So that was February. I hope it was all you dreamed it would be.

Friday, February 1, 2013

January 2013

January 1-
Scott couldn't hang. Here is a conversation between my best dude friend and I .

You know it's freezing if I have the heater on.






A little inspiration they gave me at work

This dog was not amused by me.

Story of my life.

I am not going to say who's home I am in, but this is not a strange site.

I have become a Pandora addict. Even though I listen to music I already have...


Yeah, I wore two different shoes today. *special*

Happy Anniversary!!
I Think He Likes Me

I suppose if the product on the right doesn't work, there is always Tide. #NatchitochesWalMart

Scott and I are lying side by side, and SongPop says we are in two different states. Not even the states we live in. The foo?

This may never get old.

The neighbors dog. It and the neighbors cat have taken up residence in our front yard.

Callie and the neighbors dog

I love Philip Phillips...

At work, I put out a small dish of mayonnaise next to the ketchup and mustard. People thought I was crazy, so I asked around...

Me at work. Pretty much every day

Buy one hoe, get another hoe half off. #Natchitoches

Went to see Bailey play volleyball. I want to harm the girls that play on the other team when they score against her and her team. That's a felony, isn't it?

So I switched purses. Someone is going to put me on that Hoarding show.

From The Bloggess

What I need to breathe.

Callie sitting on my foot. Reminds me of The Bloggess/cat blog from the other day.

How I feel today.

Scott, not realizing his hoodie looks like a turban. And yes, he wears his hood indoors.

I hope you enjoyed a month in my life.
Calm yourself.