Monday, June 14, 2010

My trip home

My trip home didn't start off wonderful. I forgot my glasses when I got to the end of the driveway, so I went back in the house, came out, and the car wouldn't crank. My battery cable broke. So at 3:45am I am standing in the yard, soaking wet w/ sweat, while Scott fixes it in his underwear. Luckily we had the part.
This is how far I got before something broke:

The trip went okay, I was just so sleepy, and it rained.

We went to eat at my favorite place here...

Saturday was busy, we stayed at Skippity-Doo-Da with Mother and Tracy most of the day, and then went to Malakhi's birthday party.
Then I slept for 12 hours. It was awesome.

Mother is proud of her bows :)

Today (Sunday) I've pretty much just sat around with the fam...Becca broke the ceiling fan and set the stove on fire ;) I got my very first manicure, got my hair cut, and my toes painted. I am completely overloaded with estrogen right now.

Today (Monday) we went to Alexandria, did the typical mall/Target/Old Navy/Starbucks/China King trip.
Went to see Hannah at the ballfield, tonight was the last game of the season. Not much else going on tonight. Waiting for my clothes to dry, my mom has a possessed dryer that never shuts off.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we didn't do much of anything, it rained, and we just went to Natchitoches, and hung out in the yard most of the day.
Being the little girl from "The Ring"

Today (Wednesday), we went to Twin Islands, drove into Milam, Texas, and then played around on the Louisiana State Line. Our canooners will never recover. Lunch at El Patio in Many was really good, but when it started to rain, everything smelled weird. Dinner at Lucky Village was the bombdotcom as usual.

I still haven't seen any of my Louisiana peeps. I have ZERO cell signal, so I can't call or text anyone :(

OMG! I forgot!! MY HAIR!!! I am not blaming Rebecca at all, but the highlights didn't turn out so well. I look like a really fat version of Lexie Gray.

We went to Kisatchie National Forest today. It's weird I am here at my mom's about 10 miles from "town" and zero cell signal. I went all the way into Texas and never got a signal. But yet today in the middle if the freaking forest with Snow White and all the damn dwarves, I got signal, and kept signal until I got back on the highway. We're going back tomorrow, going to attempt to find Kisatchie Falls, We're going to get lost.

Right now, I am just sitting on my mom's couch, watching NASCAR practice. Mother and Bailey are in Natchitoches, and Rebecca and Steven are asleep. So I am just sitting here waiting for my hair to dry, so I can get dressed and leave. Not much happened yesterday. Went to Plantation Treasures and ate lunch at Trail Boss. Oh, and I rolled up Rebecca's fingers in the car window :)

I have to go back to Alabama tomorrow. Sadness. I hate leaving my family. It will be all good when I move back, even though I will be working and won't get to see them all the time, it's better than this twice a year crap.
I have also learned that watching a race isn't nearly as fun if Scott isn't here. When I am the only one who is interested in what's going on, it's kind of blah. I got so excited with all the drama last week, and everyone else, was like "who?".
I have had Steak Fajita Nachos 3 times in 8 days. I wish I could find a place in Alabama that makes them like this. I tried, but mine failed.
Rebecca and I just had a serious "don't let the water run while you brush your teeth" discussion. I feel I made my point. :)

I put this on Facebook yesterday, but I feel that I need to stress that I never want to be stoned to death. Can you imagine? Being bludgeoned to death? Having them throw rocks at your head until you die? Such a slow painful death.
<< this is bad, mmkay?
My dad came out of his room to visit...
And Serenity was eating her "apple" she picked from the garden. Sure looked like a tomato..

Yesterday we pretty much sat around, got to visit more with Casey and Hunter. He cries when he sees me. Like most children.

Today I had to head back to Alabama. Sadness. Definitely putting the 2 male cats outside, the entire house reeks of cat pee. I am not pleased. But home now, great day planned of grocery shopping and cleaning tomorrow. Fun Fun.

Home safe^^

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My engine light wasn't "on", I had turned the key to close the sunroof.