Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why I annoy people (from 4/10)

This is kind of old (so old I posted it on a Myspace blog), but not muc as changed.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Why I annoy people
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Things about me that seem to annoy others: (especially fellow Southerners)

I don't like cornbread. At all.
I don't like tea. Of any kind.
I prefer croissants to biscuits.
I don't eat turnips, beans, or soup.
I hate gumbo.
I don't like white rice.
I eat everything, including pizza, chili dogs, etc.. with a knife and fork.
I hate hot weather.
I watch NASCAR, yet I root for Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, and Elliott Sadler.
And I LIKE Kyle Busch.
I do not like Dale Earnhardt Jr.
I pull for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New Orleans Saints.
I don't like Stairway to Heaven.
I can think of so many better bands than the Beatles.
I don't eat pie.
I never turn the heat on in the car, except to defrost the windshield.
I insist on watching all 24 hours of "A Christmas Story" even though I own the DVD.
If a light isn't being used, I am turning it off.
Even though I was happy with the outcome, I am Team Jacob.
I prefer the book to the movie (with an exception of LOTR, and Gone With the Wind)
I have to watch a movie with captioning.
I don't like beer.
I think potato salad is an abomination.
I don't like BBQ sauce.
I order pizza WITHOUT SAUCE.
I don't like hot wings.
The fan in the bedroom is never going to be turned off.
I prefer cats to dogs.
I don't like sweatshirts.
I do not believe man has ever been to the moon.
I do not believe in aliens.
I feel strongly for equal rights. If I want to spend the rest of my life with someone of a different race, or gender, that's my business. Everyone should be treated equal and have the same rights.
I think affirmative action is B.S. I would rather have someone qualified to do the job, rather than them being hired because of their race or gender.
I think women who stay in abusive relationship but whine to others about it get what they deserve. Attention.
And the same women who subject children to this, deserve to be lynched.
I think Clint Eastwood could kick John Wayne's ass.
I think children who backtalk their parents should be popped in the mouth.
I think people who voted for Obama because he is black are racists.
I think people who voted for John McCain because he is white are racists

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