Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The carpet stink eye

Somehow I talked Scott into vacuuming the bedroom. If I remember how I did it, I shall bottle it and harness it.
He walks over to the vacuum and begins singing Joan Jett. After too many Mick Jagger/Axl Rose impressions, I say "don't forget to vacuum the far side of the bed". He stops, looks and says "I never said I was going to do it".
So..you know what happened:

And the he starts singing again, stops, then says "I was just doing a mike check!!"

Aahhh, the sweet sounds of clean carpet going on...

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

In which I learn to eat


We go out to eat. I order the Trail Burger Steak with steamed veggies. Scott, the same, only with fries.

In the meantime, we feast on Buffalo Wings which seared my taste buds permanently.

Our food arrived, promptly, and I begin to feast.

I cut a bite of steak, and dipped it in the cup of gravy.

Scott: *wide eyed* What are you doing?

Me: What?


Me: What?

Scott: *looks aghast*
Observe....*pours gravy over steak, takes a man-sized bite*


*continues eating*

Scott: Wha..are you....OH MY GOD I am embarrassed for you.

Says the man with buffalo sauce in his beard.




Friday, September 2, 2011