Sunday, August 1, 2010

my night stalking Dale Murphy

This July has been amazing for me! First I get to see my all time favorite band, Little Texas, and tonight I got to see my childhood hero, Dale Murphy. Call it social awkwardness, but I knew if I stood in line to get an autograph or picture, I would end up saying something stupid. I would be Forrest Gump meeting President Kennedy. So I made sure we had good seats, so I could snap a few pics when he threw out the first pitch. It went well, I was happy.
Scott made sure we bought programs when we walked through the gates, because last time he discovered they gave away prizes if your program number was called.
Around the 4th inning, he said he would be right back he had to go to the restroom. I thought "yeah right he's gonna hit up the snack bar". So 15 minutes go by, still no Scott. Then, on the big screen, they posted the numbers for winning program #2, and mine won! I had no idea where to take it, and still no Scott! Now I was getting antsy wondering where he was. But I didn't call him, in case he was in a bathroom stall...
So a couple of innings go by, and they call out the next winning was Scott's!!! The man behind me told me to play the lottery. He told me where to take them to claim my winnings, and Scott arrives. Before I could "DUDE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN" him, he said he had been waiting in line to get me an autograph, but there was a cut off line. I said "aww, that's okay.." he cut me off, and showed me the ball and said (dramatically) "too bad I was in front of it"..I about passed out in front of 10,000 people. He also got a couple of pics while he was in line. Apparently, he had been planning on it all day..
He said when he got to him, he told him "this is for my wife, she is a huge fan, but was too nervous to come", and he replied "well tell her thank you very much, I appreciate it, and thank you for coming out today", and Scott said "then he shook my hand", I said "OH MY GOD WHICH HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", LOL.
We collected our loot (2 shirts and around $40 worth of vouchers), sat down, the Biringham Barons were winning, it was the Top of the 8th. He said "I'm thirsty", I said "I am too, lets go". So we hijacked it outta there, beat traffic, and went to Sonic. The Barons ended up winning 6-1, which keeps my streak perfect when attending professional baseball games, the team I root for always win. I should probably attend more Braves games.
AND!!! Elliott Sadler won in Pocono today. I've been a fan for a couple of years, and his is the first win I have got to see!!!
I am not a very emotional person, I tend to keep my feelings (of love and joy) locked inside, I don't like showing my "sensitive" side. When Scott and I got home, I was still gawking at the ball, and he picked it up and said "do you know why I did this?" I was expecting him to point downward, like he does every time I ask him to do something, typical man, and I said "why", and he said "because of that". I said "what", and he said "your smile. To see you smile". I sat for a second, then started yelling at him for making me tear up.
Son of a %^&*#!

After you sit in the direct 99° Alabama sun, literally soaking in your own sweat, and eating 2 slices of pizza, this is what your picture will look like :)


Anonymous said...

OMG, Lisa! I totes teared up reading this! Not only because I'm a huge Murph/Braves fan, but because I also have an amazingly, wonderful, would-do-anything-in-the-world-for-me hubster. That Scott...what a catch! Hang on to him, sista. The saying is true: good men are hard to find (and I should know...took me 10 years to find mine! :)

Congrats on winnin' all yer loot, too! lol


LittleMissSunshine said...

i don't think Steven will be your fav bro-in-law anymore. he was sitting beside me while i was reading this and he said, they went to a baseball game? i said, yeah she went to see Dale Murphy... he said... wait for it... "i don't know who that is"... for reals... granted, he is not a baseball fan... but still. #recognize

Scott said...

You know how i roll ;P