Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 12 and 13 of 2012

March 20, 2012

If I had to guesstimate, I would say my backyard is 5 inches deep in water. It's well above my ankles. The front yard looks like Splash Mountain. I napped awesomely from 3-5:30pm though :)

I have a new cousin!! Brayden Matthew was born early this morning. He didn't cry when I held him, so that's a plus.

I found taking a pic of them, taking a pic of Brayden much more entertaining.

One a more important note, I broke my high score on Turbo 21. My average score is 300-500. Baller!

The tree had a tumor.

March 21, 2012

Wow the weather has been crazy the past few days. Everything in Natchitoches area has been flooded. Our yard is still full of water, but nothing like it was Tuesday night. When I stepped off the front porch, it was like this:

I am standing on my Welcome mat.

I know the backyard was at least 7 inches deep, because all of my planters were under water.
I have pics of the town, but I want to find "before" pics so I can show just how flooded it was.

Not much besides work going on. I am off tomorrow. Nothing special planned, cleaning house and watching DVR'd shows.

Oh! My life was completed today:


March 23, 2012.

What a beautiful day!!! It's so glamorous from my couch....
I cooked.
Sour Cream Bacon Crockpot Chicken

2 of my loves:

I am writing a separate blog about this, but today I learned of Narwhals!!

Whales with unicorn horns. Who knew?

I blogged again.
Where Blackberry makes me look like a pervert

March 26, 2012

I am finally off for 3 days! I didn't think I would make it the weekend at work, but as of today at 3, I am free to pee!!

At my mother's is one of the many conversations we have:
Me: Did we miss Kwanzaa?
My dad: What?
Me: Did we miss Kwanzaa?
Joey: I don't know.
He looks at my mother: What time does it come on?
Mother: What time does does what come on?
Joey: Kwanzaa. What time does it come on?

Good times.

March 27, 2012

This has been a crazy day! It started off innocently with me leaving to come and pick up my sister to have a "town day". Scott informs me that I can't take the truck because it needs a new "some kinda" hose and I need to get a new one. She picks me up in our mom's car and we head to Natchitoches. Scott then calls me to say it isn't the hose, but the entire water pump. We shop, eat lunch, then head to see Brayden. We get to where we are supposed to turn off and the road is blocked due to flooding. So we go another route that Rebecca swears she has done before. She has, but only from a different direction. We end up going the wrong way only to end up where we started. We eventually make it to see the baby, she drops me off at home, and me and Scott chill before he heads to work. He says everything will be okay, there is enough water in the truck to get to work. We get to the end of our road, and it is already running hot. We go to my mom's and kill it in her driveway. She is not there, so we have no way to get him to work. So I had to do the inevitable. I had to drive my dad's truck.
As soon as your crank it you hear this God-awful noise of a fan belt just lackadaisically pelting around under the hood.In the drivers seat is a hole that is full of flannel shirts.
We get going, and I just know I am going to die before I reach I-49. Luckily my mom saw us leave and she caught up to us, so I only had to drive it about 10 miles total. When I get back to her house, I am informed that during our "town day" her right rear hubcap fell off. We had to backtrack everywhere we had been that day to find it. After a laughter filled 45 minutes, the only thing we found was a stranger's hubcap. We try to ruse her into thinking it was hers, but no luck.
So I am sitting on my mom's couch trying to figure out how we are going to get a new water pump, seeing as we have only the broken down truck in the driveway, get it put on and get him to work tomorrow at 3. I go to text him, and my Blackberry dies. I go to plug it in, and it will not charge my phone. I try my dad's charger and it works fine. However, my charger doesn't work on his phone, so I had to order a new BB charger. It will arrive April 5th. What the foo am I do to until then?
I need a brownie or something....

I discovered gold today:

On a happy note, I got to see Brayden today. He let me hold him and not cry.

DUDE!! A small flying creature just flew IN MY NOSE and is currently lodging in my throat. No amount of liquid will make it go away.

Kind of a freaky thing happened. A Facebook friend, someone I don't know quite that well, just in passing, sent me this pic of me, saying it was their favorite, and they were disappointed it wasn't on Facebook. I don't ever remember seeing this pic, who took it, where, or when it was.
So anyway, here is said picture:

The only time frame I have is the necklace I am wearing was broken 2 years ago. I don't recall ever having purple and green nails. I feel like I was photoshopped. They could've made me skinnier....

March 28, 2012

It's only 8:35pm and I am exhausted! I still have about 3 hours of stuff to do. But right now my darling husband is cooking Chicken Alfredo and I am on the couch watching "Sons of Guns". One of the few acceptable reality shows.

I had a productive day so far. Got up early, drove Scott to get a new water pump for the truck, hovered over him while he put it on.

Raked more in the yard, after I had to send Bailey next door to find my rake that was laid down in the neighbors yard. *sigh*
We raked, burned leaves, painted a swing, ran out of paint, and in the house all I have accomplished is the dishes. I will overcome this.

I think the smoke was getting to her:

March 31, 2012

Not much has went on in the past few days. My cousin found my mother's hubcap. I bought Planet Earth on DVD, all 5 discs for $20. It's weird though. Not like I remember it on tv. But good.
I think all those months of convincing Callie's former owner that we love her best are starting to backfire. Now we can't keep her in the house. When she is outside she refuses to come in, and the second our neighbors door opens, she is right there on their doorstep. I blame their toddler. Bitches loves toddlers.

Got my shirt today. Bailey is modeling it. From the book "The Art of Racing in the Rain".

What she does best:

She's not dead. We checked.

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