Friday, March 23, 2012

Where Blackberry makes me look like a pervert

While there is no secret that Scott is a perv, this was actually not his fault.
I have a Blackberry, he has an iPhone. I forget that my emoticons are different than his.
I was sending him random texts, mainly to make him get up and have to check his phone.
I send him a star.
Then a hug.
I receive no response. He just jumped in the bed later all excited.

I asked him the next day "did you receive my star and hug"
Scott: No
Me: But I texted them last night.
Scott: All I received was a (let's just say hiney and a hoo-ha)
Me: That is NOT what I sent!
Scott: Well that is what I got.
Me: Let me see
On his phone:

Me: gasp!

I distinctly sent a pic of a star and a hug!

So thank you Blackberry for making me look like a pervert.
Well played....

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