Friday, March 16, 2012

I learned it's not's me.

So. I am going through all the pics I have of Scott and I, which after almost 8 years together, I guessed there would be more. I believe the first pic we have is our one-year anniversary photo.

I see this one, from our first Christmas...

He looks so excited and happy to be my beau!!

A couple of years later..

Still happy and in love, even though my hair hadn't met a decent straightener yet.

Hey! He still loves to photograph with me even with weird facial hair!

His, not mine.

And so it begins...

Yeah, I guess I will stick my head in the pic at this really exciting baseball game.

"Okay, snap it, let's go"

"OMG, is she touching me!"

This one is my favorite.

"It's Easter and he looks like someone has the egg farts..."

So there you go. Proof the honeymoon is over.

Guess it's me and the dog taking mirror pics of ourselves.
I will be like all the other morons making pouty duck faces in the drivers seat of their cars...

Maybe it's just me in general.... ;)

And if you think that you've read this before you're not crazy. I accidentally deleted it, and reposted it. Yay you!

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