Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lily is here!!

Rebecca was admitted Oct 7:
Walking in, and waiting to go to her room

She was taken back to the birthing room thingie, so Bailey and I jacked her room:

She IS wearing her jacket as pants...

Waiting, and more waiting..

And more waiting.

Rebecca loves and collects pig stuff. This is perfect.

Watching the sun set

Oct. 8
Her bed waiting for her

Getting ready to be taken back for the C-section

And she's out!

Lily and her Daddy

She is having a little trouble breathing

One day when everyone is in good spirits, I will mention that Lily looks a little like shriveled-up Voldemort here. The nurse on the left was there when I was born 34 29 years ago,.

Steven was so proud and made me cry a little.

He never left the window until she had to be taken to NICU

I love the red hair.

Off she goes. Hopefully in a week she will get to come home and we can hold her!!!

Can you tell I am a first-time aunt?

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