Friday, January 17, 2014

How I died (again)

I cleaned the bathroom today. All nice and shiny, smelling of bleach and peroxide.
I reward myself with a job well done by vegging on the couch watching Criminal Minds and reading "Help for the Haunted" on the Kindle.
I also drink 2 glasses of Kool Aid and a bottle of water.
I am at an intense part of the book, I have to tee tee, so I take it with me to the loo.
I tinkle, never taking my eyes from the Kindle. I reach behind me to the back of the toilet, pull a baby wipe from the dispenser, and do what you do.
And then I died.

What I meant to grab:

What I grabbed:


"They're not even the same kind of dispenser" you say.
Tell that to my subconscious.

Lesson learned.

Lysol moved back to kitchen.

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Lisa said...

I'd like to note, this isn't the first time this has happened. I did the same thing with a makeup remover cloth that is pretty much rubbing alcohol. I should probably pay more attention.