Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 3, 2014

We started off this week celebrating 9 years of marriage. Who knew Scott was such a glutton for punishment? We didn't go all out, we worked 8 hours, came home, had takeout Domino's Pizza, and watched Netflix. This is pretty much what we did on our honeymoon, so we haven't changed that much.

My leg has been hurting so much that I haven't had Lily snuggles in days. I just get home from work, change into pajamas, and go to bed. I was in bed for the night at 7:22pm yesterday.

Scott thought it was be a fun idea to give the cat a golf ball to play with.
Excuse me while I further plan his death.

Saturday Bailey spent the day with us. How can you go wrong with grocery shopping and a Criminal Minds marathon?

All I wanted for my anniversary was this orange Chevron lamp I found. Yeah yeah, I should have bought it when I first saw it. Nothing was left but the shade. The foo am I going to do with just a shade? Bailey said I could use it as a bowl. I see our tend to ghetto-fy is hereditary.

Today one of our housekeepers thought she had lost her wallet, she had left it on her housekeeping cart and it was gone, but after ten or so minutes of looking, she found it in the trash. We laughed, wondering "how does that happen?" Then I am reminded of something that happened to me around 5 or 6 years ago.
I had a flip phone and we were asleep in bed. I roll over and I hear the phone hit the floor, falling between the headboard and the wall. The next morning I pull the frame out and there is no phone. I look under, behind, went through all the sheets, nothing. I know it has to be in there because I didn't move for hours. It's just not there.
Scott gets home from work and finds it. In the refrigerator. INSIDE the sour cream. The lid was on it.
I know I didn't get up in the middle of the night, move the bed that Scott was sleeping on, take my phone and go for a chunky dunk.
This case....has never been solved *in my best William Shatner voice*

My first weird call went like this:
Me: Thank you for calling (where I work) this is Lisa, how can I help you?
Him: Hey girl
Him: Do you know who this is?
Me: No sir I don't
Him: Oh come on...think
Me: I so don't want to play this game
Him: Why not?
Me: How can I help you?
Him: I told you I would call you and you gave me your number
Me: Nerp
Him: You really don't know who this is?
Me: Nerp
Him: This is Mike!!
Me: Totally wasn't me
Him: This is Jessica right?
Me: Nerp.
Him: *crickets chirp*
Me: This is Lisa at (hotel I work at)
Him: This is the number Jessica gave me
Me: She lied to you, boo
Me: But try to get in touch with Jessica, work your charm
Him: You think so? You like that?
Me: For reals. Call Jessica.

I think I just pimped out Jessica.


Me: Thank you for calling (where I work) this is Lisa, how can I help you?
Freak: Yeah, yall got room with sex swings?
Me: NO!!!
Freak: aww kay
Me: *click*

People go cray when they get the day off for MLK.

I blogged:
How I died (again)
Seriously, 1446 people in less than a week have viewed it and 900 have shared it on StumbleUpon. I am so glad people enjoy my pain. :)

OMG on Downton Abbey. I am almost finished with Season One. I would have been finished forever ago, but I can only watch in the living room via Blu Ray player, and it is not a comfortable place to lounge. And, Scott is playing La Noir on the XBox. Excuse me while I further plan his death.

I read where they will end Justified after season 6. They just started season 5. I am in season 1. I have time to catch up.
I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones. Meh. I will watch if Scott is watching, but I wouldn't set time out of the day to watch. Who knows, maybe the incestual twins will grown on me.

I am trying to catch Scott up on Sherlock so I can watch the Season 3 premiere.

I bought another owl cup. I can't help myself.

Internet stuffs:
Look who is looking ravishing in his old age.
MacGyver Forever.

Be glad you don't live in China:

I was so happy when Pauley Perrette tweeted this!!
The gals at my church will be VERY happy to know I was with B... on Twitpic

My stuffs:
Throw WAY back Thursday:

I like how my camera phone highlights objects in the background. "Do you know you need more paper towels"

Lily pics

Lula is like...soon......

So there you go. Week 3. Woo.

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