Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family fun :)

I'm sitting in the car line at Thompson High School with nothing to do but wait, and I was reminded of an essay my niece had to do for her S.E. Class. She had to name some places she's went for vacation, who she went with, and what the one memory that sticks out the most was.
She put:
Tennessee- I went with my Aunt Bec, Pop, Tracy and Vic.
Florida- I went with my mom and daddy.
Louisiana- I went my Aunt Lisa.

Her "fond" memories:
Tennessee was pretty and I got to see horses in a show.
Florida I got to go to the beach.
Louisiana I was so hungry. Her mom didn't have any food.

I lol'd SO hard!! We ate out every meal, and just snacked during the day at home. I guess she's not used to that. It made my mother's day when I told her. :)
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Maybe she's smiling because we had just ate at El Nopal!

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