Thursday, August 26, 2010

You knew this was coming...

This may ruffle a lot of skirts, but it's just something that has been festering deep down. A lot of people are outraged about the Mosque at Ground Zero. Personally, I don't think it's the best place for it. But by no means would I not allow someone to worship and pray, even if it's a religion I don't agree with.
I am a follower of Christ. I have been since a child. I was raised in a United Pentecostal church. As I grew older, I disagreed with the way some people were treated, tossed aside, and made to feel like they weren't worthy. So I stopped going. But I never lost my faith in GOD, which is the way to Heaven. A lot of people forget, that God sees everything you do, every lie you tell. The Pastor and churchgoers may not, but they are not your Salvation.
I've noticed on the news, in blogs, and mostly facebook, that it's the Christian population who are against the Mosque. I thought Christ said to love everyone. Love them despite their sins, despite their faults. It's mostly Christians I see on facebook who jokingly talk about killing the president. Obama is not my favorite political leader, but America elected him into office, and I believe that whether you like him or not, he should get respect. If you don't like the way the leader of America runs America, then leave. Go to another country, so the citizens there can complain about all the "illegals taking their jobs".
I've been called a lot of things. Unpatriotic, un-Christian like, a hypocrite...but I don't understand how my fellow Christians can preach tolerance and unconditional love, and then do the opposite. In my personal, non mattering opinion, I think the fear of the Islamic and Muslim religions, will eventually lead to a Nazi like event. Men and women, in America, are being attacked and killed just for being "non Christian". Yes, America was founded on Christian beliefs, and I think that is wonderful. But Christ was taken out of schools, the work place, and most of society. People have been fired for wearing cross necklaces to work, and children expelled for having a Bible.
I don't understand. Is this One Nation Under God, or not? Is using the name of God only when it's convenient acceptable?
People come here because this is the land of tolerance. But being told, "if you stay here you have to worship the way we tell you" is preposterous to me.
I am not supporting a Mosque, I am supporting Christian tolerance. I don't think Jesus died for everyone to use His name as an excuse for fear.

These are the comments that I have received so far. I was overwhelmed. I expected hate mail.

S.O.- "Wow, great personal insight. I didn't have much to say about this mosque until I heard that they wanted to do the dedication of the ground on 9/11. Now, that's taking it way too far, don't you think?"

C.B.- "Go Lisa! I agree that that mentality goes completely against the teachings of Jesus!! Love thy neighbor, judge not, and let he without sin cast the first stone."

D.B.- "I read and I agree. I might not believe the way they do, but I will respect them. But, it should be built somewhere else."

K.F.- "This is a free fuckin country. Yeah, a mosque at ground zero is n bad tastes, but u can't deny housing b/c of race/relegion etc etc. Those folks need to get over it. Watch those Muslim bastards like a hawk, but get over it"

J.H.- "Ugh I hate that shit too....I agree with you."

T.W.- "I'm not offended :)...I completely understand ....although I am against the Mosque, I see what you are saying about christian intolerance,,love ya"

S.G.- "Lisa,

I would never think anything like that of you. In fact, I think that's why you feel the way you have a HUGE heart, and you ARE more tolerant than most of us. I am like you, I don't believe that's where a mosque should go either...and NOT just because it's been MOSTLY muslims that have attacked us in several times, OR because of the simple fact they are Muslims. I've done some research that makes me VERY angry as to why they want to put it there to begin with, and, where the developer, Al Sharif whatever has gotten the money when just a few years ago he was waiting tables. BUT, that's my opinion, and I am not a hater either, just like I KNOW you're not.
The devil is working overtime. All I can say is God help us all !
I love you!"

M.G.- "I don't feel we should hate because others believe differently."

J.H.- "I am a tolerant christian ((((hugs)))) and I have friends of many diff religious backgrounds. I have love for all. WWJD"

S.W.- "Well put Lisa. Everyone has their own opinion about what you said. The only reason anyone would feel offended is due to the fact that just maybe their little toes got stepped on. Guilt and conviction is a tough matter to deal with sometimes. However, that was not your intentions by no means. I liked what you said and it is all true. I usually read and delete these types of mail and just keep my mouth shut but I really liked this one. I am proud of you for sharing what you think on this matter. If everyone would follow along and do the same, maybe the world would be a better place. I love you. Always have and always will."

M.R.- "Good Lord. Sorry people are being asshats. I compelely agree with you- I made the mistake of playing Devil's Advocate on this topic in someone else's post on FB and got reamed myself. People don't think. Do I think it's the best place to build a mosque? No. Do I think they have every right to do so? Absolutely. It's this great thing about our country called "Religious Freedom". I don't want the government dictating where ANY religion is allowed to build their place of worship... if that was started it would be a very slippery slope.

Not to mention that as a whole Muslim/Islam is a very peaceful religion. It's the EXTREMISTS who are the whack-jobs. Every religion has them- even (gasp) Christianity. Google "Christian Terrorists" and you'll see for yourself. Have the 2 passages you've ever seen of the Quran prove it's a religion of hate, death and destruction? Have you read passages from the Old Testament? It would be just as easy to take our passages out of context and start a terrorist group that performs acts in the name of "Christianity".

I know I'm preaching to the choir, Lisa. It just really makes me mad that people jump on a bandwagon based on their first impression. THINK PEOPLE. With your own brain- not the mentally disabled brains of Fox News and CNN."

J.B.- "i agree with u 100%...."


* Jess * said...

I agree with you 250%

AthenaRose said...

I agree with everything U said Lisa!!I just don't understand how so-called christians can hate anyone!! Christ is LOVE and that is what I will always believe!Wonderful blog:)

AthenaRose said...

Please don't let those people upset U!! You know what is in your heart is what is right!!