Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 37

This decided to post on its own Monday night. I am going to have to find a new blog host.
Premature, blogger, premature.

My entire life.

Scott brought me the greatest care package ever!

The most exciting news all week!! Brad Meltzer is getting a new show!!!
Lost History
I am still waiting for another season of Decoded. I am looking at YOU, History Channel.

I really want my hair this color.


OMG. This picture. Joey & Pacey forever.

The most important article you will ever read:
13 reasons why Pacey was better than Dawson

I had a blog once where I attempted to chronicle my day to day life. It was my last year in Alabama when it was just me and Kamren all day. Now I am gone 11 hours a day, and I come home, eat, clean, sleep. I try to go and see my peeps, but some days I don't even have the energy for that. I want to try it again, maybe it will inspire me to actually do stuff.

When I read this I laughed, snorted, then fell out on the bed. THIS, is my entire life:

I have amazing people in my life who give the best advice:

OMG, I am guilty to maybe 80% of these!! #applemangotango
28 Things White People Love to Do

It's not so catchy, this version.
Death Metal "Let it Go"

I read this Tweet, laughed, and favorited it:

and then Secret Tweeted...

My day was made.

Oh gosh. His name.

I redid my website. Go see all the pictures I stole took.

I cooked!
Shrimp Alfredo

That's it for this week. Maybe next week I will have a new blog provider.
Unless it takes effort. Let's not get crazy.

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