Thursday, September 4, 2014

Week 35. You're welcome.

My super exciting week.

It was handled with nothing but extreme care:

I think I am engaged to this guy?

Since I am off on Friday and Saturdays, this is my Thursday evening!

So I am convinced that that particular spot in my house is haunted, because this is the third time that a cat at been spotted staring in that one spot. There is nothing there!

Lily said today was my day:

Sassie said today was Scott's day:

Callie said to calm down and stop yelling at College Football:

If you love Lord of the Rings as I do, this is LOL Suggested Hashtags for LOTR

I laughed so hard at this, the husband was concerned. my whole life.
23 of the Silliest Fights Ever

I found this gem on the wonderful Internet:
"Thunderstruck" on Flaming Bagpipes

I can't remember if I have posted this yet or not, but it is my entire life:

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