Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 25 :)

Welcome to Louisiana.

What she looks like when I am not around

I literally just walked up to her and spoke.

She got a bigger pool.

In case you're out of the loop, HP is Harry Potter, and GOF is Goblet of Fire. If I have to explain this, then we can't be friends.

Because everyone knows how I feel about my work stapler:

Lula was chasing the cars with her paw. It was cute at first..

My whole life:

Just saying, this is one of the greatest things I have ever tasted. And I have had a Mint Chocolate Blizzard!!

So Scott and I pull in our driveway, and my neighbor, Santa, was in his yard in his usual overalls with no shirt. It looked like his side was covered in blood. He said that Santa got into redbugs, or chiggers, and he told him to put clear nail polish on it and it would seal it so it wouldn't itch, but all Santa had was red. I don't want to know why. So we get out, I speak, Scott asked how he felt, he said good, it was working, but there were some spots he couldn't reach. I volunteer. NEVER did I think he would say YES!! So picture this: you're driving by, and you see a distinct looking man, white hair and beard, skin that is tanned brown like a treated deck, overalls unbuttoned down to his buttcrack, with a horrified neighbor applying red beauty products to his upper butt, side, and arms.
You. Are. Welcome.

Scott's phone took a 5 foot dive in the pool. Sad. If our phone insurance was car insurance we would need Flo the Progressive chick.

I have awesome people in my life;

For no reason, just thought it was adorable:

One of the greatest moments in Potter history:

Hello beautiful....

You know who you are:

Scott found this on Craiglist:

I cooked!

Easy Garlic Shrimp

Books I finished:

I did my American duty and watched the US play soccer.
I also watched baseball and NASCAR, so I am as deep in America as I can get.

I started watching Chicago Fire. I like.....

I suppose that is it for this week. No much ado....

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