Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week 21 and 22

Lily cut a tooth, pulled up, and can scooch across the floor.

I do believe all of these pics were thieved from my sister.

I took a new position at work. Once I train my replacement, I won't be on the desk much, which means I won't have too many cool stories to share. Like this one:
This morning a man came in to see if we had a book of all the hotel listings. I tell him we have went all digital, but I can look up anywhere he needs to go. He tells me he just quit his job, bought a bike, and is going all over the country. He lost his wife of 15 years a year ago, and he is just going to go for it, and see all the things he has never seen. I tell him I am sorry about his wife, but he said not to be sorry, everything happens for a reason. He starts to walk out, he turns and goes "I like you....come with me". I stare. He said "I am serious, take 2 months off, ride with me".
I keep staring. I canNOT tell people no, this gets me in trouble. But I had to politely decline.
Now I want to know more about this man, and where his future takes him.

Death In The DarkDeath In The Dark by Emily Kimelman

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I started reading The Boy Who Could See Demons by Carolyn Jess-Cooke.

I was at my mother's and I see a magazine. As usual, I leave with it. I read where Monica Lewinsky gave an inteview to Vanity Fair, so while out and about, I see the magazine, buy it ($4.99), and then get home.
That's right.

I cooked:
Chicken Tortilla Wraps

Song of the week:
Kongos- Come With me Now

Sadly, that's about it. Not much going on here.
I leave you with Marcus....

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