Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1 out of 365 isn't bad (from 5/1/10)

Today was a good day. Well technically yesterday, seeing its well past 3am. I suppose sleeping past noon and finishing off a Vault Zero about an hour ago isn't grounds for an early turn in. Thank you Scott for getting up for school bus duty for me. When I went to bed last night, the hood was up on the car with no radiator, and our air conditioning was broken. Today Scott installed the new radiator, and Big Phil bought a new central air unit. Oh and we had YaYa's for dinner which borderlines on "so good you'd light a cat on fire". AND the Braves broke their 9 game losing streak. Scott made flower beds for me. He even fixed the light over the washing machine. I suppose I can make his brownies tomorrow. I have no excuse not to. Oh AND I don't smell the dead cat under the house anymore. #score. This was my version of The Perfect Day. I have a wonderful husband, a kick ASS family, and a refrigerator full of Vault Zero and cheese. Life is grand today.
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