Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why I should stay at home (from 5/3/10)

OMGEEZ!! Not only am I still annoyed by the lady walking out in front of me on the HIGHWAY, I had to run to Publix to get milk. So I pass the Middle School, right in front of The Spot, where I was broken down for 2 hours last Wednesday, and there is a dirt road on the side of the store, there is a "Mobile Home Community", and there is a silver car flying down the road, and I thought for a split second, "why is he driving so fast, he has to stop in 15 feet", well he didn't stop, he hung the car to the right, and flew onto the highway...yeah, that's where I was..I slammed on my breaks (thank GOD there was no drink to spill this time) and the car behind me hit their brakes, in order not to hit me, and they went into the ditch. Before I could pee a little, a cop car comes flying around us after the silver car, then another cop stops were we are to make sure we're okay. When I see him, I go to get my license, in case he asks, and oh yay they are in my purse. I don't have my purse, just my wallet. But luckily he didn't ask, and no was or anyone's vehicle was hurt. I hope the asshat goes to jail. Also when I pulled into Publix parking lot, I always park in the same place, and the lane is one way only, and there was a nice lady, in a Yukon driving down the middle of the WRONG WAY!! Then she gave ME the stinkeye when she had to creep around me. I am not dyslexic, I know to go the way the arrow points. Well there is literally smoke boiling out of the over, I think my meatlof is having issues....

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