Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Like I mentioned earlier, I worry about all the wrong things. Never mind the fact there are clothes that need folding, and a sink full of dishes, I have a blog crisis to worry about. I know it is just here for my personal amusement, and I pretend people read it, but it keeps me occupied, and allows me to vent.
After I posted my last "blahg" I didn't like the way the template cut into the side text, and when I poorly attempted to correct it myself, I made it worse. So I googled for help, and it gave me a site, that told me how to fix it, but I was bedazzled by a different site, that had pretty pictures. I was drawn to the light like a moth. So I downloaded a really gnarly background, and it matched up with all my widgets, and when I go to preview it.....wait for it...everything is in Korean. And where my widgets were, it was ANOTHER copy of the blahg. It was gone...all gone..
After hyperventilating into a bag, and searching the house for sunflower seeds as one would do for cigarettes, or crystal meth, I found a bag I stuck in the freezer. I fixed a glass of Dt Mtn Dew, and now I am calm.
I created a new blahg, and had all the other riff raff saved in my gmail.
Life is restored.

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