Wednesday, June 2, 2010

11-20-09 (originally)

I am really sick and tired of all the New Moon crap. I have full intentions of going to see the movie, but give me a break! It's on every channel, it's all grown and young people are talking about. There are New Moon candy bars in the check out lines. I hate when something is popular and the media and profiteers run it in the ground. All the vampire shows that are now on are crap. People don't like vampires, they like Robert Pattinson, who is a sparkly vampire. Who rocks in the books, LOL. I hate when I like something, then it becomes popular, then I feel like a schmuck for liking it. I am glad my favorite author, I believe I am the only person who knows who he is. I don't want his books to become famous and be turned into crappy movies. Like they did "The Last Templar". That movie was a joke. Even though I like Scott Foley. I really hope when I go see the movie that t isn't full of giggly girls who talk during it. MAN, I have become a grouchy old lady!!! Well I mean I have always been grouchy, but the older I get the worse it becomes. I am turning into my father. GASP!

RT @WisNugs: Breaking Dawn will be released in Winter 2012 and will bring about the Mayan Apocalypse. #twilightfacts

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