Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I think he likes me.

Today is Scott and I's 8th Wedding Anniversary. I know right, who would have thought? Honestly I think he wanted to bail on year two but he's afraid of me a little. However, on our first date, I warned him that "if this progresses any further, I would like you to know I am grouchy in the morning and have mood swings".
Well...in my head that is how is sounded. It probably came out more like:

So here we are, 8 years in the making.
I actually don't have a pic of us before we got married. Didn't want any evidence in case I had to appear before a judge...you know...just in case...

Jan 15, 2005

Jan 15, 2006. In "The Batcave". Chelsea, AL

I miss the Batcave.

Right after we moved to Montevallo.

Jan 15, 2008

At Rebecca & Stevens wedding. 2008.

Fall 2008

2009 I believe? On the Tennessee/North Carolina line

Summer 2009

At the Birmingham Barons game

At the Little Texas concert. Southside, AL

The greatest field trip ever. 2010.

October 2010. Right before we moved to Louisiana.

Christmas Eve 2010.

Celebrating our 6th anniversary early, since I would be in Louisiana and he would be in Alabama

What what?

Summer 2011. I would love this picture if it didn't look like I have a horrendous growth on my gums.

I *possibly* almost killed him...

Notice how he stops smiling over the years? I think it's sinking in.

Christmas Party 2011. He looks so enthused...

November 2012.

Christmas Party 2012. And Jack...

He bought flowers for me today. They are beautiful. They even have GLITTER!!
In true "us" form, we didn't have a big enough vase.
Burger King cup it is.

I did get a "normal" one...

After tears, screams, slammed doors (me), foot stomping (also me), and lots and lots of laughter, we have made it this far.

I hope he realizes he is my love, my rock, and he has my heart.
MushMush, yeah yeah.


LittleMissSunshine said...

In the October 2010 pic, is that cheese on his eyebrow?? Not that I would be shocked if it was...

Lisa said...

Why would I waste cheese?