Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in review.

2012. What a dumpster fire of a year. Let me begin by saying that I am extremely thankful for all I have in my life. I am alive, semi-healthy, I have a job I love, a roof over my head, my sisters, mother, and brother in law are awesome, I have a very patient and understanding husband, and my dog didn't abandon me this year.
This was just the year everything went wrong. I lost my dad. I went to 9 wakes/funerals. That is way too many for my unemotional/socially retarded soul to bear.
I was blogging every month, right up until the day before my daddy passed. Then it just seemed that this was so very unimportant, and it was all I could think about, but I didn't want to share my pain. I still don't talk about it, nor do I want to. I have plenty of fake humor/bravery to go, so until that runs out, I am fine.

So...moving on.
What did I discover this year?

Philip Phillips.
The closest thing to Dave Matthews Band I will find. And cuter. His voice is amazing. BUY THIS ALBUM, listen to songs 9 and 11. You're welcome.
World From the Side of the Moon
I don't watch American Idol, so he was a nice treat to find.

The Walking Dead.
R.I.P. Shane.
About to start the third season.

Once Upon a Time.
I love fairy tales.

I am still in season one, because I am trying to watch so many new shows and keep up with the old ones. But I <3 it!!

I still keep up with The Middle, Grey's Anatomy (end already!), Supernatural (never end!), The Big Bang Theory, and Fringe. Although I am way behind on Fringe, but DVR is my friend.

I know this show has been on for years, but I just started watching it.
I own every season now but the latest one.

I possibly giggle at Duck Dynasty when Scott is watching it.

I am addicted to Song Pop and enjoying losing at Words with Friends.

I read the Hunger Games Trilogy. Awesome.
The Maze Runner Trilogy was also amazeballs.
I am slowly catching up on the Kay Scarpetta books by Patricia Cornwell. I am only one behind now.
I completed the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy. A must read.
I am currently reading Stephen King's 11-22-63. I have been reading for 5 days, and I am only 42% finished. If I get to the end and it sucks, I will personally pee on Mr. King's front porch.

Oh!! Go buy this.
Things Go Wrong for Me. One of the funniest Tweeters and bloggers I know. Midget Man of Steel

Movie wise, I can't say I watched anything that moved my britches. The Avengers was good. I haven't been to see The Hobbit yet. I am totally going to lose my good rep in the LOTR community if they find out I am slacking. I liked that The Hunger Games mostly stuck to the book. I wasn't disappointed.

Most played songs on my iPod this year: (in no order, I am lazy)
2 Cellos- Viva la Vida
Adele- Take it All
Jeff Healey- Angel Eyes (as in 1989...)
Maroon 5- Payphone
Sleeping at Last-Turning Page
A Rocket to the Moon- Like We Used To
Eagles- Wasted Time
Matt Nathanson w/ Sugarland- Run (this was the most played)
Phillip Phillips- Wanted is Love
Train- Marry Me
Train- Drive By (don't judge me)
Ed Sheeran- Give Me Love (second most played)
Phillip Phillips- A Fools Dance
Jason Mraz- I Won't Give Up
Daughtry- September
Sister Hazel- Your Winter
2 Cellos- With or Without You
Sister Hazel- Best I'll Ever Be
Coldplay- The Scientist
2 Cellos- Use Somebody (I drive Scott crazy with this album)
Backstreet Boys- Love will Keep You Up all Night. (Is that judgement?)

Pics I love:
Possibly my soul mate
Scott shaking it at our Christmas Party
I quote this little girl all the time
Callie creepin'
Me and Bailey
In the Natchitoches Parish Police Report
Bailey and Dylan going to Homecoming
Callie resting comfy
My Merry Christmas dance
I am the best friend..
Saw this on I-49
One of my favorite spots in New Orleans
We rock. True story.
Random pic off Canal St
Bailey resting....
I have awesome friends....

Here is a pic for every day of 2012: I am so sorry you have to click on it to read what it is about...
366 pics, 366 days

Here is to 2013 not sucking the life out of my soul.

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