Thursday, January 31, 2013

Instagram monthly challenge.

Instagram had a 31 day challenge. I actually finished something I started!! A WOOT!!!

Day 1. Siblings

Day 2. Best Friends.

Day 3. Throw back Thursday. I have the fro next to the end on the right.

Day 4. Celeb crush. So many, but I had to go with Adam Richman.

Day 5. Favorite band. Little Texas!!!!

Day 6. Lock screen. Bailey says I did it wrong.

Day 7. Black and White pic.

Day 8. Perfume.

Day 9. Shoes. Go ahead, mock my mismatched socks.

Day 10. Blanket.

Day 11. Baby pic.

Day 12. Handwriting. I am always a day behind.

Day 13. Birthstone. I hate topaz.

Day 14. Snow. 2009 I think?

Day 15. Sky. Somewhere near Leesville, Louisiana.

Day 16. Favorite feature. I couldn't capture my awesomeness, sorry.

Day 17. Favorite animal.

Day 18. Stuffed animal. Bradley Franklin. He has been my bed fellow for 20+ years.

Day 19. Pets. Callie, watching me pee.

Day 20. Weather.

Day 21. Lyrics.

Day 22. Favorite movie.

Day 23. Sweater.

Day 24. Red. lol

Day 25. Socks.

Day 26. Pink.

Day 27. Favorite Drink.

Day 28. Someone you miss. I have never missed two people more.

Day 29. Anything. Horrible storm that night. My weather app said "Mild, overcast". This one was a little more accurate.

Day 30. Place I want to visit. Savannah, Georgia.

Day 31. Self pic.

You are so very welcome for my contribution.

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