Wednesday, December 19, 2012

And OH the shame....

Do you ever just have one of those days where you break everything you touch? I remember having a day where everything went wrong a few years back My Life Needs Bubble Wrap, and today it wasn't much better.
My work shift was 7am-8pm. 7-3 my normal front desk job, and 3-8 our manager's reception. Not that swanky, I cook, I serve beverages, I smile. I have done this countless times, with only one incident to where there was a flood and a fire alarm. My. Bad.

The front desk shift went swimmingly, despite cutting my finger with scissors, cutting my arm on a shelf end, and pinching my finger in a Swiffer. At 3pm, I decided what to cook (Natchitoches Meat Pies), iced down some can drinks, made a vegetable tray. Same ol' same ol' routine.

I cook the meat pies for 30 minutes on 315 degrees. I also put cookies in there for 13 minutes on 315 degrees. You know what I noticed about 9 minutes into it? The oven. ON 400.

Meh, I served them anyway. All 3 trays. I called them "cajun". I always cook the amount of food and cookies based on how many people are in the hotel. I have a fear of running out of food, so I always cook extra. Tonight I cooked an extra pan of meat pies just to be safe.

I make coffee, I go to put the regular out, and pick up the decaf. SOMEHOW, my shirt got stuck on the lever,
and coffee was pouring out all down my side, into MY SHOE!!
It burned.
It's by far the weirdest injury I have ever received at work.
And I have smacked my face by answering the stapler.

After I stop, drop, and roll I put out all the food.
Apparently either a killer whale got VERY hungry, or every one ninja-like all came down at once, because I stick my head out just to appear to be friendly, and 25 minutes into the reception I am out of cookies, and there are SIX meat pies left.
The frack?

I hurriedly put more in the oven, and you guessed it. I burned the cookies again.
I also put out more ice for the drinks, and somehow there was coffee in my ice bucket, because it turned everything brown.

I hate my life.

Finally I get everything going smoothly, I am cleaning as I go, and I hit the lever for the cereal. Cheerios go every where.

This is after I wipe them off the counter. It took 20 minutes to sweep them off the floor.

I finally got everything cleaned up and left without causing any permanent damage to my body or the hotel.

On a happy note, I had this delightful Indian dish for lunch:

I mentioned to Scott about going vegetarian, and he mentioned moving out.

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