Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scott in the Bayou State

For anyone that isn't a Louisiana native, you may have noticed that some of the last names are, well..unique. Or at least, spelled and/or pronounced unique. Scott, not a Lousiana native, is amused with some of the spellings, or the way names that look one way are pronounced another way. Listening to him trying to say "Cloutierville" is hilarious. (Cloochaville)
Last night I was trolling the Facebook, and he was attempting to pronounce some last names. He was doing so well with "Boudreaux" and "Metoyer", and then I hear:
Scott- Vise Coo Cow
Scott- Vise Coo Cow
Me- That is not a name.

I look.....Vascocu.
For the non locals, it is pronounced "vass cue"

Scott: No way
Me: Indeed
Scott: That's retarded
Me: The co in the middle is silent
Scott: Well in that case, my name is pronounced "Skt"

This went on for a while.
Even I had trouble with Piatkiwicz...

I giggle remember reading this on a Louisiana site:
"No, it isn't Herbert and it isn't hee-bert. It's pronounced ay-bare. Don't ask why - just accept it. If you say Herbert or hee-bert around here, people are going to laugh at you"

While we can jokingly call Louisiana's oldest permanent settlement Nat-cha-toe-chess, I wouldn't suggest you try it. Nack-uh-dish is the best I can come up with trying to explain to you how to say it right. Just ask for "The city where they have the Festival of the Lights." or "Where they filmed 'Steel Magnolias'." - everyone will know where you're talking about.

And this I just like to say:
Cochon de Lait
If you are down here long enough to actually get invited to a coo-shon-duh-lay (the "O" in shon like "on") you should most certainly attend. While the slow-roasted pig is good, a cochon du lait is more about getting together, drinking and partying while said pig cooks. It's the event, not the pig, that makes these special.

Right before bed I was looking at recipe sites, and I clicked on "Vegetarian". He went WRONG! I said "One vegetarian meal won't kill you", and he said "Vegetarian, add MEAT!"

Whatever, it was hilarous last night.

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