Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week 1 of 2012

January 1, 2012
I am positive that this year cannot suck as hard as 2011. My goal is to come closer to my weight loss goal, and get as many of Scott's doctor bills paid off. Right now we're sitting at $9,127. However, that is just from the individual doctors. The main bill from the hospital hasn't arrived yet. 2 weeks in ICU? I am sure the bill will be more than I will ever earn in a lifetime. If the infection could have waited 2 more months insurance would have covered it all. Way to be a life ruiner.
We are actually starting the year off a little sickly. Nothing more than sinus drainage, a cough, and the feeling of the Hogwarts Express running you over.
Scott has been out of work since the infection started in his shoulder, at the end of August. Tomorrow he will begin a part time job, 2 days a week. Hopefully he can find something full time, hopefully with insurance, soon.
Spike TV is showing all of the Star Wars' today. Every time I watch these, I see something new. Harrison Ford is awesome.
I take on average 5 pictures a day. Mostly of my dog. I post everything (unless there are naked butts)(and sometimes even then) on My Sweet Moonbeam. I think I will post one on here, no matter how random. Or boring. Or inappropriate.
I think Wolverine is telling me it's time to clean the bedroom mirror.

We bought the necessities, toilet paper and Dt Mtn Dew, and ate lots of Chinese food. I had to cover all of my New Year necessities with an Egg Roll (cabbage) and green beans. Not to mention rice noodles, a cheese stick, a wonton, pork w/ broccoli, and sushi. The store didn't have one can of black eyed peas, but my sister was kind enough to bring us some in a bowl. They were quite tasty.
I went to my mother's earlier and there was an anarchy of dog.

None of which reside there.
I am now just vegging on the couch watching The Rock in "Faster". So far so decent. The only thing on my agenda is to iron tomorrow's work clothes, and read a couple of chapters in The Inner Circle.
January 2, 2012
It is so cold. I voluntarily turned on the heat, and I am bundled up on my loveseat under my jacket. Today was good so far. Worked, went to the grocery store, ate dinner, aka BBQ from a bucket, and now vegging time.
Scott began his training today. He was all into it:

I am watching my favorite episode of NCIS, I believe it's season 3, where McGee has a stalker who is killing people according to the book he is writing. It was the second episode I ever watched. Ahh, memories.
I wish I had a house elf that would vacuum my bedroom and put up folded clothes for me. A girl can dream I suppose.
I discovered a site called Sh*t My Husband Ruined, and there is also a Kids and Pets section. I am doing the retarded seal clapping laugh.
Well I am about to Nyquil it and go to bed. Getting my comfy pants and some Kleenex. I waited all night to see who the surprise return star was coming back to WWE. It was Chris Jerico. He's been smiling and waving at the crowd for 15 minutes. I'm over it.

January 3, 2012.
I have been dating things the wrong year all day. One binder I labeled 2011. Everything else has been 2010. I am always 2 years behind.
Uneventful day at work. That is a good thing. Came home and made Buttermilk Pork Chops, now sitting on the loveseat watching "The Three Musketeers". The good one from 1993. You can't go wrong with Oliver Platt, Kiefer Sutherland, and Tim Curry. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Oliver Platt?
I have been trying to post some links I just read on here, but the code is breaking up and posting all over the blog. This won't do.

January 4, 2012
I went to bed at 8pm last night. Waking up at 6:30 was not problem. This is the first day I have been home alone in several months. It is almost perfect: I have a hefty supply of Dt Mtn Dew and Grape Kool Aid. There is a Decoded marathon on the History Channel. I am under a heated throw. The house isn't spotless, but it can be in under an hour. I have 96% of downloading allowance on my internet. Why isn't this day perfect? I have a toothache. One that I know will not go away until I go to the dentist.

This is what I wished my nails looked like all the time

What my nails currently look like:

I just noticed that all the Decoded episodes are DVRing, even though I have seen them already, so I am going to try to cram in as many Flash Forward episodes as possible. I am almost to the last disc. As you can see, I am totally using this rare alone time to clean the house, and do things productively. Pfft.
I have been awake since 7am. It's 12:53 and I am in the same spot. I did eat breakfast, fix 3 glasses of Kool Aid, and pee no less than 10 times. Callie has been mimicking me. She has laid on the couch since Scott left.

I let her out a few minutes ago, thinking she'd like to go outside and run around. She truly is our dog.

The toothache turned into a headache, so I didn't do squat for the rest of the day. Had crab casserole for dinner. Watched TV.

January 5, 2012

This will be Scott's first night shift training at the desk. It will be weird being here alone tonight. Maybe it won't bring horrid flashbacks of when he was in ICU. Chances are I will be asleep before he's out the door. Today at work was good. Not doing much since I got home. Catching up on all the DVR'd stuff. Oh hello Mike Rowe.
Dinner was going to be a nice Chicken Margherita dish, but ended up being an odd combo of skillet Beef Stew and a frozen Philly Cheese Steak Pizza. That's how we roll. I think I jinxed myself talking about all the random pics I take. The only thing I photographed today was a piece of paper and the computer screen. Odd, I know.
No matter what, she has to wedge herself in between us:

YAY!!! Bailey is here!!!

She just pulled iPhone earbuds out of her drawers...

January 6, 2012

Bailey and I had an interesting night of dogs, Lord of the Rings, and sunflower seeds. Scott survived his first all-nighter. I laid down with him until he fell asleep. Now I am the only one awake. He is snoring from the bedroom, Bailey is moaning in her sleep, and the dog, as always, is sleep-farting. I am watching "Hereafter" with Matt Damon. Kind of a snooze. But who knows.
Yeah, that was horrible. I am making up for it by watching Gnomeo and Juliet. Again.
There are small children in my yard. This concerns me.

Someone isn't adjusting to the night shift very well :(

Pizza Hut for dinner^^^

We actually finished the Lord of the Rings in its entirety today. We've laid around so much our butts hurt. #firstworldproblems

I did another thing today I saw on Pinterest. They used old eyeshadow, mixed it with clear polish, and turned it into something beautiful. Mine however, not beautiful.
What is looks like when they do it:

What it looks like when I do it:

It's chipping off, but at least I know it will work. I just need to do it better :)

Because it isn't a party until the singing Bieber toothbrush comes out:

I feel like crud, I can feel and smell the congestion in my chest. Nothing but Nyquil here to take for it.

January 7, 2012

Nyquil was the word of the night. I remember taking it, and talking to Bailey, but nothing much after that. I remember Scott coming home this morning, and me telling him to let the dog out, and the comforter, the sheet, and the bottom sheet were all in a ball in the middle of the bed. I remember him crashing next to me. Nothing more until 10am. Now I am just sitting on the couch, once again listening to everyone snore. I got my work clothes ready, and hung up Scott's work clothes for tonight. Watching "Capote".
I hope Scott will be able to sleep today. They are cutting down trees in the field behind us, and between the chainsaws and the trees hitting the ground, and shaking the entire house, I couldn't stay asleep.
I don't normally work the 3-11 shift, but at least I know it won't be busy. This time of the year from Christmas to March is usually a bit slow. '
"Capote" was pretty good. I know the movie was just about him and not the Cutter murders, but I would have liked to dug a little deeper into that subject.
As always, I am years late watching movies, but "Paranormal Activity" came from Netflix today. No way I am watching it home alone. I watched the 3rd one in the theater, I was coerced, and it scared the shehaha outta me.
I have been at work 23 minutes and haven't talked to a soul. That's good and bad.
Thank you to my mother for picking me up and bringing me to work. Scott was sleeping so sound I didn't have it in me to wake him up.
I feel like I fell down a flight of stairs. My entire body is achy, my chest is congested, even my skin hurts. Boohoo, I know. One reason I think I am sick? Earlier this week I was co cold I was shivering with the heater on. The past few days it has been near 80. Normal humans cannot adapt do this. Nor can I.

My Lord there are some conceited people in this world.

I just accidentally called a woman "sir". My bad. She was cool about it.

3 more hours.....

I just made a grocery list. 3 nights say "eat out" on it :)

75 minutes!!! Then I can go home and, well do what I am doing now. Actually, when I go home I will be gathering all the dirty clothes, cleaning house, and it will be dark and lonely. At least here I am getting paid.

So I am home now. I am taking some Nyquil and going to bed. Peace Out.


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