Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 3 of 2012

January 15, 2012

Well in good news I am not dead yet. That however, is pending. I think I pulled a muscle in my chest coughing so hard. It hurts in my back also. When I eat, the food feels like it stays in my chest. I can't really cough anymore, it hurts too bad. I am thinking tomorrow may be the big DOCTOR day. I am not pleased.

Today is my 7th Wedding Anniversary. What a way to spend it. Covered in Vicks Vapor Rub and wrapped up in a hot blanket.
For now, it's Alka Seltzer and bed.

January 16, 2012.
I have been up and out of bed since 4:30am. How nice. I got on a coughing fit, and I knew it was waking Scott up, so I just got up and showered. Now I am being lethargic until I have to get dressed for work. I don't know what it's going to be like going in without eye crunchies and stumbling around since I just rolled out of bed.
I actually feel better today. The pain is still in my chest some, but not nearly as bad as it has been. The one night I went to sleep without taking any medicine, and I wake up feeling *slightly* decent.
Callie was comforting me last night:

I tried Camomile Tea with cut up lemons and honey last night. Not bad. Probably nothing I would drink if I didn't think I were dying, but not that bad.
I can't even begin to describe how disgusting my house is right now. I don't think it's been cleaned properly since Christmas. I blame it on the sickness, not the fact that I have been lazy.
I have 25 minutes, I think I will go Pin something..

I think I am going to live!! I don't feel as horrible as I have been. I am still coughing, but only a couple of times an hour. The pain in my lung is slowly going away. My body almost feels normal. Ballin!!!!
Currently watching Jeopardy with Scott. Not my best day.

January 17, 2012
I have not slept one minute. I laid in the bed. I laid on the couch. No sleep. It is 5pm and I haven't passed out yet. Luckily, Scott is ordering dinner, so I know as soon as I engulf it, I will be out cold.
Latronda (from work)never has on matching socks :)


January 18, 2012
I feel great! Almost all of the sickness is gone, I just sound like a frog when I talk. It amuses people.
I am ready to get off work, go home, and FINALLY clean my house!!
And by clean I mean nap.

January 19, 2012
Another day of NOT feeling like crap! This I LIKE!!
Work was good. Came home and napped.
I almost passed out when I saw how good this was. Can I get Chris Hemsworth to just sit and stare into my eyes for a few hours a day?

Scott is watching TNA wrestling. The "acting" on here is unbearable. So cheap and rehearsed.
Scott just poured a glass of my Kool Aid and is eating my snacks...
Me: HELLO! Mine!! Why not rape my dog and kick my mom?
Scott: I would never rape your dog.

I am so over listening to Angry Birds. I bet he wishes I would stop with the Turbo 21 as well. I NEED IT!

This is my to-do project before I go to work tomorrow-

Well I am out like a light!

January 20, 2012
I don't think I have slept this much in years. We napped for almost 3 hours yesterday, woke up briefly, then slept til 9:15. I got up a couple of times to let the dog in and out, and of course pee, contemplated staying up, but the bed won.
SO! I get up, and am immediately productive. Getting the kitchen clean, and I am knee deep in the living room when I suggest Scott go to the grocery store without me, seeing as I don't know how long it will take to get everything cleaned, then get dressed, go, get what we need, and get back in time to get dressed for work and be there at 3. And, I didn't really want to go. But anyway, he goes to leave and the truck will not crank. We have been having issues with the starter, it takes a couple of turnovers, but it always cranks. 30 minutes later, it still won't crank. Oh. Crap. I call my mother to make sure she is available to take me to work just in case. He finally gets it to crank, I teared up a little, and then he left. I am just hoping he doesn't get stranded in Brookshire's parking lot. Especially since I have only one Dt Mtn Dew left and I am hungry. Did I say that out loud?

I am making some progress on that side of the room:
District 10-20120120-00531

Callie was pouting when Scott wouldn't let her in the truck when he was leaving. When I sweep, I sweep everything into one pile, then into the dustpan. Of all the places in the entire house, she lays right in the middle of that pile. Now it will stick to her, and be distributed evenly BACK into the rest of the place.
I know she did it on purpose.

I messed up that^^ code, so don't click on anything below. My. Bad.

Work has been good so far. Had some pretty cool people come through. 3 more hours, then I am off for the weekend!! Which means nothing really, but I will be off for 2 days in a row.
I wish I could say I am going to use this time to clan my spare room an thoroughly clean my bedroom, but we know this is false.
I am still reading Brad Meltzer's The Inner Circle. What kind of fan am I? It's been 3 weeks!! The kind of fan who lost the book for a week under the couch.
Moving on..

Me, sitting at work, taking pics of my teeth.

January 21, 2012

This, made my week:

I didn't know she was pillow-less. And it was NOT the dog's blanket.

Not doing much this Saturday. Watching movies, laying on the couch. It may not the best movie ever, but The Long Kiss Goodnight will always be one of my favorites.

We had a good day. Bailey and I watched movies most of the day.
Shrimp Po Boy for dinner:

It only takes Bailey a little while to come out of her shell and start dancing all over the place with a singing toothbrush:

And Callie is her BFF for life:

Well I can honestly say this has been the best week so far. I am 98% sickness free, I have the entire day tomorrow to do whatever I want (this would be it), and my house is for the most part, clean.


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