Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 4 of 2012

January 22, 2012

Sleep. That is what I did today. I slept from 3am to 7:30ish. I slept from 10-1. I slept from 3-8:30. I now of course lie here looking at the ceiling at 3am and I have to get up at 5:30am. Sigh.
Remind me to never tell Scott "SMILE!!" again...

He totally Forrest Gumped it ;)

Trying to redeem himself:

One day I will talk him back into facial hair :) :)

January 23, 2012
Sleep. Again the word of the day. While I only slept 2 hours into the night, I managed to work my 7-3 shift fully alert. Scott slept even less, working an 11-7 shift, and having to be at a 1pm job interview, then waiting on me to get off work. As soon as we walked in the door, the shoes came off and we got in the bed. I slept until 8:30pm, he slept closer to 10. I get to go back to sleep tonight, he has to work 11-7. Poor, poor Scott. I don't have to get up early in the morning, I work the 3-11 shift. Yay me!
Callie wedging herself in between me and Scott while we were napping:

January 24, 2012
I need to get off of my butt and go to the grocery store. I have to be back and ready for work by 2:30pm. It's 10:30am and I am still in my jammers.
You have to read this!! I am still laughing an hour later!!
The Thingy

Work was super busy. Fun though. I like working the evening shift, people always bring me food :)

January 25, 2012
My off day. I slept almost the entire day. All the plans I had for accomplishing were null and void.
After getting up at 6:30 and picking up Scott from work, I immediately went back to sleep. I get up at 11am, and while checking my email I hear the tornado siren. Knowing it was "overcast with a chance of showers" I thought it was a drill. Being a worry wart, I turn the tv on to check. Sho' nuff there were tornado warnings everywhere.

Yay, we're the red spot.

I wait about an hour before I wake up Scott.
Me: Baby..
Scott: What
Me; Just letting you know there are tornado warnings everywhere and Mama said it's for real she went to get Bailey and Hayden and it just started to rain and I am just waking you up to let you know that I possibly may need coddling later. (I said all this without taking a breath)
Scott: What is coddling?
Me: Just get up, you can go back to sleep later.

All we ended up with was rain and wind. The satellite went out:

43 minutes later..

Scenes from my front porch:

View from my bedroom window ^^^

Not really, I just thought it was cute.

Just another day for Callie....

So after the storm blew over, we were laying in bed thinking "how nice does this rain sound?", and that was the last thing I remember until 7pm. So now it's after midnight, and I have to get up at 5:30am. One day I will figure out why I torture my body so...

January 26, 2012
I have never been late for work, but today I came too close. I woke up at 5am, went to check the time, and my phone was dead. I plug it in, make sure my alarm was set for 5:30, and went back to sleep. The next thing I know Callie wakes me up wanting out, and it's 6:41!! I leave for work at 6:30! Needless to say, I made it. I have no idea how, but I know I was driving over 80. That red blur that was seen on Hwy 117 & 6 was me.
Lovely hairdo:

I had time to grab my clothes, shoes, no socks, I brushed my teeth and sprayed deodorant. I left every light on, and left Callie out. I grabbed 3 Dt Mtn Dews (let's not get crazy) and a sandwich.

Work was good. Scott and I had a planned date night. Go out to eat, then go see Underworld. It turned into a half date. After napping too long, we had time for either a movie or dinner. Guess what we chose.....dinner was delicious! I had steak, shrimp, and chicken fajitas, and he had some sort of pink steak with veggies. Nom. Kate will have to wait.
January 27, 2012
Dude this day was horrible. I woke up early, and my wonderful husband had breakfast cooked for me. Lil' smokies and TOAST!!! I got dressed, ate, and left for work with plenty of time. I go by my mother's to drop off my laundry (like she is the cleaners) and the truck was making a weird noise, so I go to call Scott. I can't find my phone. And if you have spent more than 7 minutes with me, you know I always have my phone. I search all over her house for a phone. Harder than it sounds. I call my phone. I call his phone. Nada. So I drive back to our house, 70mph no less, and I had left it on the counter. I think I scared the crap out of him when I flung the door open screeching at him:
Me (cactus guy)

I finally get going, 70mph down our 25mph road, then I hit the highway flying. About 100 feet into my journey, there is a stalled school bus. Full of human spawn. Glaring at me.

I can't pass it, I have no choice but to sit here with these children glaring at me. *takes birth control pill*
I FINALLY get going again. 80 mph, no less. I fly around a curve, and my friend Kerry's husband was pulling out of their driveway. I almost ate his Jeep. Poor guy was tailgated by me all the way to work. What time did I get there? 6:58am. BOOM. I still have never been late for work.

The rest of my work day was nuts. I can only imagine what today will unfold.

Not much happening when I got home. I napped, of course, went by my mom's, and slept til Scott came home.
My life is so typical, I am a serial killer magnet.

January 28, 2012
Happy Birthday to my cousin Logan!!! He is the first kid I ever liked. Sorry, Rebecca. He is 21 today. Don't I feel like an old bag of dirt.

This was in 2007^^ Before I started dying and cutting le hair.

I need to be doing so many productive things. But alas, I sit here on the couch. I just drank my last Dt Mtn Dew, so sh*t is about to get real.

I mini-napped on the couch, got dressed, went to the grocery store, bought a ridiculous amount of Dt Mtn Dew, stopped by Sonic, got more to drink, then came to work. It's been pretty steady, but nothing nearly like yesterday when I wanted to cry. I am beginning to like this shift more and more. I assembled a crib earlier, and I could have been on Youtube under "lamest thing ever" trying to figure out how to put a fitted sheet on a crib.

The entire work day was pretty good. I came home, with solid intentions of cleaning the bedroom..I really did. However, I put on pajamas, got straight in the bed with a tall glass of Dt Mtn Dew and played gin with Rebecca online until I fell asleep.

This was a pretty good week!

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