Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013. Year of the Lil'

2013 in review.

The biggest news of the year.....drumroll.....


Our family was blessed with a perfect little girl, who we learned was coming on August the 10th, and then she arrived October 8th. My need to plan and prepare was thrown out the window.

Let's see....I got a cat. That I hate.

We moved. Right next door, but it's twice the size. And price. I'm poor.

My job hasn't fired me yet.

I discovered I like hot tea.

I got on a Netflix kick. I realized there are so many shows that I used to watch that I quit, and shows that I am seasons behind on. I currently have 323 DVD's in my queue trying to catch up.
Shows I discovered:
Downton Abbey
Gilmore Girls

I started rewatching and catching up on
Hawaii Five-0

Shows that still have my heart:
Criminal Minds
The Middle
Once Upon a Time & Grimm (that I always watch 10 episodes at a time)
Grey's Anatomy (I loathe this show, but I have put a freaking decade of my life into it)
The Big Bang Theory

Books I love from this year: (well, that I read this year)
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Taboo by Casey Hill
Blood Orchids by Toby Neal
Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman
Seven Wonders: The Colossus Rises by Peter Larangis
The Fifth Assassin by Brad Meltzer
Divergent and Insurgent were okay....

My favorite song of all time CHANGED from "Your Winter" by Sister Hazel to "Fix You" by Coldplay.
I know, right?

I am still reading 12 and 13 books at a time, one chapter at a time. I started Inferno by Dan Brown the day it released in January, and I have not finished it yet. I will get through it eventually.

I don't remember seeing anything films that tickled my fancy, however, I am WAY behind on seeing what I want.
I want to see Thor 2, Wolverine, Catching Fire, and The Desolation of Smaug. I just really hate having to sit still in a movie theatre for 2 and a half hours.

Little Texas

Now for the poopy stuff.

The Braves made it to the Postseason and then choked. It doesn't matter however, Tim Hudson and Brian McCann are gone, so my reasons for watching have dropped dramatically.

NASCAR was poop. Denny Hamlin got hurt near the beginning of the season, and Tony Stewart broke his leg, so Championship hopes for both were gone. And Jimmie Johnson won. Again. *vomits*

Alabama had a no-loss season until the last game v/s Auburn. Actually until the last second. No Championship Title Game for them.

I am a Dallas Stars fan, so I was prepared for an under par season, so that's cool. .
Of course I am sad when I hear of a celebrity or musician's death, but Paul Walker's death was extremely sad for me. I have only been affected that much when Heath Ledger passed.

This was the year of the migraine. 6 to date....

This was in my kitchen

The Playstation died. RIP. Scott bought an XBox 360. I can't even look at it. And it doesn't even play Blu Rays.

My most popular blogs:

Instagram Monthly Challenge
Why 6,712 people found this interesting, I have no idea

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I don't know why this had over 2,000 views, but...thank you.

A Fashionable Survey
Since so many people viewed it, I kind of feel bad about cropping out Mrs Mulligan's head

Where Little Texas makes my birthday

All of the other 1,000+ viewed blogs were recipes, and my mother said they are lame so I didn't add them.

And to close, some of my favorite pictures of the year:
In absolutely no order whatsoever. #lazy

My beautiful cousins Hunter and Brayden

She looks at me like that every time I walk in. "Why? Why are you here?"

My favorite Christmas present!!

Second best Christmas present ever!!

After Christmas shopping, Scott grabbed me and wanted a pic. No makeup, rachet hair. But it's the only pic of us together in probably 2 years.

My first time holding Lily

So sweet

Mother holding Lily for the first time

Bailey's first time holding her

I love this picture of Callie. She is so serious when we ride.

The last of these 4 she is like, okay, time's up. Pinterest photo shoot is over.

Waiting to be admitted into the hospital

She looks like a baby Voldemort in Deathly Hallows Pt 2

Steven waiting for the C-section to begin

Right after he brought her out

She is his mini me

Lily is shocked when Sherlock jumped off of the roof!!

At Lily's baby shower

Whatchu talking about?

Whatcha thinking about?

The ladies in black. Completely coincidental

Right after she was brought out. I was trying not to cry. I failed.

Jason, Brandy, Shannon, and Grace

Our boss lady went on vacation. It was time to come home.

The straws were marvelous

Scott holding Lily for the first time. She looks like "I will fight you. Ho. "

This still makes me cry

Rebecca texted me "she has 3 chins!!" and I replied "And Mama's neck!!!" #notthefavoritechild

She peed on Steven. Oh LOL. We made him stand in the pee so we all could take pictures.

Bailey and her BFF


She's 8 months pregnant. I am not. -_-

The pic that started it all......

And picture of the year!!!

Lily as Grumpy Cat

So that was my year. Lots of working, reading, Netflix, Mumford and Sons, and being with my family.
Did I mention Little Texas sang me Happy Birthday??

We close out this year with a selfie. We put on our best "Happy New Year we are rocking out hard, not watching football and blogging while our animals freak out over the neighbors fireworks"

^^^^My excited face.

Happy New Year.

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