Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December end, 2013

MMKAY...I had this entire month written, day by day, bore by bore, and then it deleted itself.
I mean...this could have been Award Winning stuff!!!
SO, I am going to save you the day by day diatribe, and just post the stuff I remember.

Tea for me!!! I put on the kettle, and Scott beings me a present from under the tree. I said "I don't want my shoes now, but thank you". He said it's not shoes. Open it. All Christian Gray command-o like. So I did. And I was happy happy happy!!

It's so awesome being my friend.

Went to Bailey's Christmas program at church.

And Lily made her appearance:

Our family is the king of awkward photo moments:

I am so loving Hawaii Five- 0

This scene made me LOL. The witty banter between Steve and Danny is priceless.

Christmas Eve and Day:

Lily is smiling more...not at ME....but in general:

I got a new phone. I decided to try out the camera without looking at anything first:

The best picture of Lily, well ever:

Scott and I rocked out the New Year with our excited faces:

I wrote a 2013 in review blog. Not much more exciting than this one.

Happy New Year everybody!!!!!

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