Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yuletide greetings..and such

And so December begins. It's 60 degrees....tis the season.

Hello Lily.....

I made it alive a whole day without sinus medicine.

This evening after dinner (semi-decent enchiladas I made for the first time), Rebecca and I went walking.

We either walked on the track or had an epileptic seizure

Lily peed on her daddy. Classic.

It's 70 degrees at 7am in December. *vomit sound*

This was just a hectic no good day. I woke up in plenty of time to have a sane morning, but when I got in the shower, I kept saying "one more minute", and the next thing I know it's 6:15 and I have exactly 15 minutes to leave so I can get to work on time. In 15 minutes I got dressed, did my hair, makeup, brushed my teeth, cooked my breakfast, fixed my lunch, located my laptop, phone, Kindle, and chargers for all, fixed a to-go water cup, all while the 2 animals made every step I made. Work was busy, I didn't leave until after 4, then we had to go get groceries, and more importantly, Midol, finally getting home after 6. I changed clothes, abandoning Scott to put up the groceries and cook dinner, went walking, kissed Lily's head, came home, ate, and then contemplated laundry and dishes. I started one load of laundry then sprawled across the bed, just trying to breathe for a minute. Apart from putting the clothes in the dryer, I didn't move. However, this was at 9:30pm. Fast forward 5 hours and I am still awake. I was so sleepy my eyes would not open, but with Scott snoring, the dog barking at who knows what, I kept trying to sleep in every room. the bedroom was out because that is were Scott was snoring, and Callie was on the other end barking like mad, so when I finally got her quiet and I am almost asleep on the loveseat, the cat started meowing non stop. I just started to cry, I had no where to go, and I had to get up in 2 hours.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAILEY!!!!!!! She is 16 today. Completely unreal. I know everyone says "oh I can't believe how much they've grown", but this is for real. 16. I still think of her as 2 years old.

45 degree temperature drop. I think we just need a room with air conditioning and a room with a heater. Every two days or so, rotate rooms.

This is what happens when you sit down with any type of food:

Snow on the ground. Meh.

I should probably begin Christmas shopping. Meh.

This is an example on how lazy clever I am. While doing laundry, I always throw the to-be-folded clothes on the bed. Then when I go to bed, I am like "omg why are those clothes there, I am sleepy?". So..I put them on a duvet that Scott refers to as "it's so cold and my wife won't let me turn on the heat so I need this extra duvet so my feet don't freeze off".
So now that's it's bedtime, and I know I am not going to touch those tonight. Boom. Wrap them up in the duvet, stick them on the floor.
Now Scott will just have to go to his backup-backup duvet for his heating needs, and tomorrow, BOOM, put them back on the bed. One day they will get to the closet where they belong.

Christmas party at work. There was dip. *fanfare*

Another "Scott and Lisa bedtime conversation"
*I was going over the grocery list in my head*
Me: Do you think we need to get more Velveeta and another onion?
Scott: No, I think they're fine. Velveeta never goes bad.
Me: Sure it does.
Scott: No, it's processed. Not even real cheese.
Me: It feels real, Scott.
Scott: No, I mean...

And then we went to sleep.

Payday!!! I got more Lily snuggles. Dinner with Scott and Kayla at Cane River Bar and Grill. There was gluttony involved.

SO yeah...I dyed my hair. Same brand, box, and color as always.

How am I supposed to go in public?? Tonight is Lily's baby shower!!
Absolutely nothing against blondes, but I am not one!!!!

Here are some shower pics:

Jinkies I am tired. Spent ALL day ALL over Alexandria with Scott and Bailey. Spent ALL the money!!!!
Christmas shopping= maybe halfway done.

Last night when Bailey and I were unpacking all the crap gifts we bought, Scott insisted we take a picture in front of the tree. First of all, you can't see the tree behind our bods, and my hair was a mess. But like he said, "it's how I see you all the time!!" So here you go. Christmas Time, 2013:

Christmas is on it's way people!!!!

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