Saturday, January 1, 2011

My favorite things and related blogs of 2010

I am usually the last to know, well, everything, but I did find bright and shiny things this year!!

My favorites things of 2010:



(chick flick, but it's really good)

( I still have several movies from 2010 that I want to see)

I have not a clue how to automatically make a link open in a new tab, so if you don't want to keep clicking back and forth, just right click on the tab, and open in a new tab/window. Sadly, I just learned how to do that 2 months ago)

Some of my favorite songs-

"Waiting for the End"- Linkin Park
Listen on

"Right Above It"- Lil Wayne and Drake
Listen on *explicit*

"Smile"- Uncle Kracker
Listen on

"Best I'll Ever Be"- Sister Hazel (2007)
Listen on

"For You"- Dave Matthews and Johnny Cash (2008)
Listen on

"Space Bound"- Eminem
Listen on *explicit*

"Speechless"- Lady Gaga
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"Back from Cali"- Slash w/ Myles Kennedy
Listen on

"September"- Daughtry
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"Rain"- Breaking Benjamin (2009)
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"Secrets"- OneRepublic
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"Back to December"- Taylor Swift (don't tell anyone)
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"The Art of Racing in the Rain"- Garth Stein

Amazon Kindle description

"The Shack"- William P Young (2007)

Amazon Kindle description

"The Five Greatest Warriors"- Matthew Reilly

Amazon Kindle description

"In Cold Blood"- Truman Capote (1966)

Amazon Kindle description

Notable things I discovered in 2010 (I am usually years behind)-

Amazon Kindle

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino


iPod Touch

The Middle (on ABC)

Febreze Apple Mango Tango EVERYTHING

(I even went as far to change my mailing address on the Febreze site in case they want to mail me a sample again)

(just view 90% of the pictures of me in 2010, I am sure I am holding it)

Eyeshadow primer

Sundried tomatoes

Mint Chocolate candles from Bath and Body Works
*all 4 of which are mentioned in 5 Things.. and my 100th blog

HD tv

Dt Mtn Dew


I rekindled my love for mushrooms and garlic

Netflix/PS3 streaming

at Antoons Riverfront Restaurant in Natchitoches, LA I recommend this-
Potato Louisiane
Baked potato topped with our Louisiane creame sauce with baby shrimp, crawfish, and mushrooms. Topped with grilled jumbo shrimp.

I wept a little when I ate it.
Moving on...


I am in the process of moving from Montevallo, AL back to Louisiana

I (finally) pierced my ears

I got to see Mt Cheaha and Vulcan in Alabama


My Little Texas blog

I got to see Dale Murphy at Regions Field, and Scott met him and got an autographed ball.
My night stalking Dale Murphy

The Braves won the Wild Card

Things for me to poop on-

Robin Hood

District 9

The Lost Boys: The Tribe

Justin Bieber

Kanye West

Mariah Carey

Crappy tv shows like "Teen Mom"

Bobby Cox retired
Thank you Skipper

The new Smurfs movie. It's ruining my childhood.

Bacterial cysts

Bad things that happened to me:

My blog being hacked by Koreans

Accidentally ingesting cat poop
The Worst Late Night Snack Ever

What happens when I am around small children
Hunter hates me

Chevron stole all my money
True story

There was a mouse
Recycling kills!!

I realized I was getting older
Age is an issue of mind over matter

The day everything went wrong
My life needs bubble wrap

Locked out of the house, and flashed the entire county
My apologies to Shelby County

My cat caught on fire. Again.
Stupidity at its finest

BUT the most important, most favorite thing I loved in 2010 is....


My LOST finale blog

I know I will think of a ton more once it's published, but my brain is overloaded. I am too busy downloading iTunes.....

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