Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Little Texas blog :)

SO I FINALLY got to see Little Texas in concert again!! I saw them for the first time back around '93 when their first album was out, right at the time "I'd Rather Miss You" came out. I had never heard of them, they opened for Travis Tritt and Trisha Yearwood. But that soon changed right after. I bought the album, and became instantly obsessed. Anyone who knew me back in that time knew I didn't talk about anything else. I would buy every country magazine just to get pictures, and if there were pictures of them on both sides, then I would buy two copies. I eventually took them off of my wall and put them into a scrapbook. Which I still have :)
Right after high school they broke up, and it kind of fizzled, but my love stayed true.
One night a couple years ago I was listening to AOL radio, and had clicked on the New Country station, and that's when I learned that "Missing Years" was out, and they were back together. I started jumping on the bed, literally, and woke up my husband. I bought the album when it was released. I guess I felt the need to be a good Samaritan and spread the word, because I accidentally left it in a rental car. I saw on their website they were coming to Southside, AL near Gadsden, and I was ecstatic!! We drove up there, about and hour and a half, got there at 1:30pm. The concert didn't start until 8pm (supposed to). It's July. In Alabama. That's right. Sweat was literally dripping off of my face. Then we realized where were we going to sit? On the ground? So we had to go buy lawn chairs. Didn't really think it out there.. and sat from 2:30pm-right after midnight. The rain came around 5:00.
They had to postpone the bands for a bit, so Little Texas came out right at 10:00pm. Scott watched me during the entire show. I had the biggest smile from beginning to end. I tried to soak up every moment. The only downside, is I genuinely have the worst camera in dark situations. I had a very good view, but my camera wouldn't capture any of it. I think every picture was blurred in some way. But it's imprinted in my brain.
It sounds odd coming from a grown woman, but it was just amazing for me. All of the good feelings came back and I fell in love with the band all over again. They put on an amazing show, and truly love their fans. If it wasn't for the retard right behind us who yelled "GOD BLESSED TEXAS" the entire show, it would've been more than perfect. At least it was one of their songs, and he didn't yell Free Bird.....

One of the best group shots I could get.

In my "vault"..aka a plastic storage tub I've lugged all over Louisiana and Alabama.

Notice they're labled 3, 5, 7..That's 7 8-hour tapes of stuff I recorded from tv.

From my scrapbook:
There are 14 pages total of stuff like this.

Dramatically, on the last page of the scrapbook...

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LittleMissSunshine said...

i member looking at the scrapbook when i was little all the time... the underwater pic was my favorite!