Monday, July 19, 2010

City Fest- Southside, Alabama

This past Saturday was City Fest in Southside, AL. Reading on their site, that Little Texas was going to be there, I was ecstatic. Thinking "Southside", as in the community right outside of Birmingham, I kept trying to find the exact address, but with no luck with zip code. Finally, Scott went "I have bad news. Southside is an actual town. Right outside of Gadsden". I went "what bad news? We're still going. It's Little Texas for the love of all that is holy!!".

It's an estimated 90 minute drive, so since LT didn't play until 8pm, I was thinking we could leave around 4...wrong...At 9am when we left to get the oil changed in the car, Scott expected us to leave then. I managed to push it off until around 11am. After driving around just looking, and eating lunch, we get there at 1:50.
Neely Henry Lake

Outside of Gadsden

We walked around, looked at the booths, and then it hit us. WHERE are we supposed to sit? Luckily there was a Dollar General right down the road, and we bought two comfy directors chairs. So we sat. And sat. The heat was blistering. My chest looks like a raspberry.
Right before the rain got bad
And then, around 5, then rain came. I brought the umbrella from the car, but I bought it at the Dollar Tree a couple of years ago, so when I popped it open, MAN was it ghetto! The aluminum was all rusted, and it had stained the light blue cover. But I didnt care. I blended in with all the locals with Alabama, Auburn, and rebel flag umbrellas. Scott refused to get under it, so he just got drenched.
Rain pouring off of his cap It rained until around 9 or so. They had to postpone the bands for a bit, the stage and equipment were getting wet, so LT didn't take the stage until 10:20 or so.
There were some really good bands that played. Drake White was my favorite. Besides having a stunning voice, he's quite easy on the eye ;)He hasn't signed with a label yet, but it's only a matter of time I believe.
Drake White

Next was Highly Kind, Southern Rock, very good.
Albert Simpson & Highly Kind
And then Derek Welsh took the stage.His songs were good. His voice was good. He, however, irritated the chiz out of me. I get it musicians- you want the crowd to be pumped and enthusiastic so you can feed off of the energy. But when it's 98 degrees out, and we're sitting in the middle of a field, with no shade, no breeze, and WE KNOW the rain is coming, asking us at least 15 times to "GET OUT OF YOUR SEATS" makes me want to throw knives at you. When not one person gets up the 3rd time you ask, STFU. Your song Mushroom Man was stupid, too.
Derek Welsh
Petty Thieves were very entertaining. A mixture of Hanson meets Naked Brothers Band meets Rock 99.5. All the oldie songs I love, with young energy. Sadly, that's when the rain got really bad, so their performance was cut short. Bailey would've liked them, they had a hoard of young fans by the stage.
Mr Blackwell's Petty Thieves
Wayne Mills band was good. I call it Honky Tonk music. Hank Jr meets David Allan Coe.
Wayne Mills Band
And then YAY!!! Little Texas. It was so exciting!!! It has been 17 years since I first saw them and became a fan. I fell in love all over again. They came all the way from Iowa to do the show. I had a very good seat, I just wish my camera wan't such a retard when its dark. It doesn't focus at all. But it's okay, I will never forget it.

When the fireworks started, it was time to go...Scott was soaked to the bone, we were tired, and wanted to beat traffic. It was a very good day.


Band pics:
Drake White
Drake White
Wayne Mills Band
Albert Simpson & Highly Kind
Derek Welsh

Random pics:

Clint Bowyer's Sprint Car

He said he was blending in with the natives

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