Saturday, July 10, 2010


Usually if I find something I like, and then everyone else discovers it, it becomes trendy, I usually get irritated and abandoned it. Not sure why. So usually when something is trending, I avoid it like the plague. Which surprises me about Twilight. I saw on a friends myspace status, about 2 years ago, "Why can't they all be like Edward Cullen?". Thinking this was a guy she liked, I paid it no mind. Then I saw the name somewhere else. So I googled it, and it mentioned he was a character in a book series called "Twilight". Blah. Vampires are NOT my thing.
Then I read that Kristen Stewart was going to play Bella, and Cedric Diggory, Edward. I liked Kristen in Panic Room, and Zathura. Of course, I had never heard her speak in "real life". I had no idea who Rob Patterson was, aside from playing Cedric.
So the movie comes out, and teenagers and moms are going crazy, so there was no way I was going to see this movie. I did however, buy the book. I loved it. Shamelessly. Every time I find something new, I immediately call Rebecca and try to get her "into" it as well. She saw it before I did, and assured me it was good. We read the books together. It was swell.
So when New Moon was coming to theaters, it was insane. I couldn't read a FB, Twitter, or MySpace update without people talking about it. I was thoroughly sick of it. Like the LeBron James crap going on now. I didn't go see it. I even blogged on how insane and retarded the madness was. But of course the day it came to DVD, I snuck into Walmart and bought my copy.
So now that Eclipse was out, I was feeling the same "get a life" attitude I had before. My movie expeditions were to see The Last Airbender, Toy Story 3, and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I saw Toy Story, I heard Airbender sucked wood, so I will wait til Netflix has it out, and Apprentice doesn't release til next Wednesday.
So today I cleaned the house, was sitting here, and said to hell with it. I went to the 12:15 Eclipse showing in Alabaster. Scott was at work, I had never been to a movie by myself, but I knew he didn't want to see it. When I bought my ticket, the lady said, "Just one?". Way to make me feel like a loser, whore. When I walked in, I was the only person. Great. Loserville. Right as the lights started dimming, 2 ladies walked in. I waved. Then the teenage giggling masses arrived.
But to my point, I loved the movie. New Moon, for me, was BLAH. The story was good, like the book, but I just didn't feel it. Sorry Brenda ;) I feel all girly and giggly. Something I would never admit to anyone. I hope Breaking Dawn doesn't disappoint.
Harry Potter, however, I have no problem admitting I am a nerd. I probably won't be there opening night, but I will be there. I may not have read the books 10+ times like Rebecca, but I have been in love w/ the series since Book One.
I also bought the book, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", because everyone has been talking about it, and it's been on the bestseller list for a while. I will start it in a day or so. I feel like such a sheep, LOL.
HOWEVER, the Jack West series by Matthew Reilly is still my little secret. I don't think it will ever become popular, critics seem to hate the books.

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