Friday, December 31, 2010

Stupidity at its finest

I have been in Louisiana for 2 months..I am back in Alabama ONE day, and already have a story.
I get up this morning, open a Dt Mtn Dew, light a candle, typical morning routine stuff. I turn on my straightener, anticipating Scott waking up raring to go get breakfast, then I sit on the bed and start checking emails while the straightener gets warm.
Not 2 minutes later I smell something burning, look into the bathroom to see smoke. I jump up and rip the straightener out of the outlet, thinking it's shorted out or something electrical fire-ish, but that wasn't it. I look at the candle, but there is nothing around it that would ignite. And then I see this...


So I start inspecting cats..and found Reese...

This is the THIRD time one of my cats have caught on fire.

What. Is. The. Deal!!!!!
She is fine, oblivious that part of her fur is gone. I checked her flesh, but it didn't get close.

Not only are my cats ignorant, my dog is literally too stupid to get out of the rain.

He normally stays inside, but with Scott being gone the last week, he's had to stay out since he's too big for my father in law to maneuver. He said when it snowed on Christmas, Jack still didn't have enough sense to get in his kennel. I guess it's indoor time for him..

He also doesn't drink water or eat food from a bowl.

I have no words...

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