Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was one of the best in recent memory!!

Bailey building her gingerbread house..refusing to let me help

Scott however, was allowed to touch

We had the block all lit up like it was Christmas! (I borrowed that from a fellow FB'ers status)

We did family pics on the Riverbank

Scott was eating a kolache for breakfast, but said it didn't have enough meat on it, so he wrapped it with ham.

Bailey wore her footie jammers all Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day

Tater was stalking Bailey's plate

We tried several times to take a decent pic in front of the fireplace, but our facial expressions were never right at the same time.

Opening our Dirty Santa gifts


Shugar and Pudge were keeping us in line

Logan was our entertainment for the evening

As well as A Christmas Story

Just a smidge of all of our yummy food

We wore Shug out

Hayden built us a fire

Bailey, in her jammers, setting the field on fire

Being festive

Steven and Paw Paw

Photobombing Scott

Being festive

Stupid code..don't click on it. I can't find where it's coming from. Ruining my rep..
Playing Cranium ^^^
We won, BTW. I did a victory dance in the front yard

If there was ever a pic that DIDN'T look like me, this would be it

I got a pink hair clip!


Everyone opening gifts

Half of the mess

Two of my favorite gifts

My brother in law cooked an amazing Christmas Dinner, I stuffed myself so, I forgot to take any pics.

We slugged around the house most of the day, it was awesometastical!!!

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