Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It was a TEN!!!!

Yesterday was just an awesometastical day.
It began as a simple grocery store run, and it ended with 2 extra holes in my body.

On the way to buy groceries, my sister said she needed to stop and try to find a new pair of jeans. HERE I found a $25 shirt on sale for $12.49.
Observe my joy.

Darn right I saved $12.50

THEN we found a store that's ALL accessories!! Necklaces, bracelets, watches, purses!! I almost wet myself. And most of the jewelry is $2.

We ate lunch at Beaudion's Pizza. I have no slight shame in saying I ate 5 pieces of pizza and a salad. And maybe a cheese stick.

So we're finally on route to buy our intended groceries. Then I blurt out, "hey is there anything good in Rite Aid?" Enter the motherload. There was clearence makeup. There was makeup 75% off. There was BOGO free if you had a card. Oh we got a card.

I was proud of saving almost as much as I spent.

My sister did better, she had $80 worth, and spend right at $40. I think she DID wet herself. It was like when you give a kid a shopping cart in the toys and say "you have 2 minutes!!" Make-a-Wish style.

We buy our groceries, I always have to make a run through the accessories (as if I hadn't had enough) and I decided "hey let's pierce my ears".
I of course chickened out and left, but during our HALF OFF Sonic drink run, Rebecca talked me into it, and we went back.

It hurt like hell It slightly tingled, and we were on our way home.

I got to take my sister for a "movie meet up" with her friend that is a boy, ate Mexican yumminess for dinner, and then came home.

ooh!! I forgot the necklace and bracelet I bought for $1.99 at CATO, AND (!!!!) I will get to see my hubby tomorrow!!! It's been since November 1st!!!

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