Sunday, November 13, 2011

12,054 days old

Today I turned the big 33.

The plans over the last few days have changed so much, but it was a good day. Scott made my favorite breakfast of grilled cheese, I lounged around for about an hour and listened to music, all my favorite songs of course. We then went to eat at Lucky Village, where gluttony was enacted on rice noodles and sushi. I spent a couple of hours at my mom's where I received the sweetest gift ever!!!

Mother told her to yell "SURPRISE" when I walked in, and Serenity said "WAIT, I have to get her a present!!" So a penguin mask in a shoe box is what I got :)

And for every year of my life, including the 9 I lived in Alabama, I have gotten a cake from our beloved friend Randy.

...and the icing turned our teeth green

My mom bought me the printer I have been wanting :)

I still have a couple more gifts on the way, so I will be ballin' like a big shot.

After a year of drooling over it, my loving husband bought me Coach Poppy perfume. I smell awesome.

**sniff here**

Since I decided calories don't count on your birthday, I had a big fat cheeseburger for dinner. And possibly some fries. And 2 pieces of cake.

Now I am vegged on the couch with Scott watching Harry Potter.
I may or may not being tearing up at Snape.

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