Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 2.0. Bye Bye Dog. Hello knee pain.

This was probably the longest month of the year. I am ready for September, which brings....dumdumdum....OCTOBER!!!!

August 16
Today we had a celebratory lunch for our hotel being awesome
There was ice cream cake...

Oh!!! My sister got a new car!! Needed a place to stick a car seat.
It be fine.

August 17-
Work, ate at Sam's for dinner, bought groceries, watched the UFC fights, then sleep.

Aug 18
The Grail Conspiracy (A Cotten Stone Mystery #1)The Grail Conspiracy by Lynn Sholes

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April 19-
Just Little Texas in front of Mt Rushmore...

April 20-
We had out Grand Reopening at work. It was nice. Good turnout. Long work day.

April 21-
This was just a no good day. Went to bed right as I got home from work.

Aug 22-
Off day!! Took Scott to work, showered, and now I am perched on my Mother's couch watching "The Host" with Bailey.

I blogged: Dream, Dream, Dream

Aug 23- Slept til was NICE!! Now I am plumped on the couch watching Harry Potter. I don't plan on doing much more for the rest of this day.

Does anyone else have these conversations?
Scott and I are riding in the truck.
A song comes on.
Scott: You know this song
Me: okay (I don't)
Scott: what song is it
Me: I don't know
Scott: yeah you do
Me: No I don't.
Scott: yeah, remember that time, blahblah some story I don't remember
Me: okay...
Then he gets ticked off that I don't know a song on the radio that I am supposed to.

Aug 24- Full blown migraine. I never call into work, even when Scott was in ICU, but today I tried. There was just no one to work my shift. I survived with an ice pack, Excedrin, and I turned out the back lights.
Now I just have an hour to go. I think I'll live. It's now just a bad headache. The brown polka dots I was seeing disappeared.

3 hours later, head still hurting, but no more spots or nausea. Bright lights suck though. I am like a Mogwai.

Aug 25-
I lived.

Aug 26-
13 hour shift. Not much besides work and sleep.

Aug 27-
Same 13 hour shift....
I had a weird foot thing that caused shooting pain to the left of my Achilles tendon when I was in the parking lot at work. When I got home I was walking across the living room and fell. It was not sexy.
UFC fights then bed.

Aug 28-
I got to sleep in (until 8am), and just work reception. It was nice. I don't think I have ever went into work with my hair looking as bad as it did.
We became a one-dog household again. Now I love Shug, I do. She is a cool little dog and her personality and quirks are laugh out loud funny.
But..when I wake up to two piles of poop in the bed something has to give. She has been avoiding the puppy pad for weeks now and using it all over the house. Even in her bed while she is laying in it! I jump up, yell at her "NO!!" and put her on the floor, she runs to the living room. When I get everything in the washer and cleaned up, I go to pick her up to take her to the puppy pad,and she had puked SIX times on top of my white duvet. Might I add this puke was nothing but poop she had eaten. I take her to the puppy pad, which was clean as a whistle, and there was poop on the rug right next to it. There was puke near the computer desk chair, that I stepped in. When I go in the bathroom we rarely use to get a towel, she had pooped on the bathmat, AND a towel.
I immediately went to my computer to let my wonderful cousin know to COME GET THE DOG!!!
It began;
The message you are about to read may contain language that might offend.
And boy did it.
But she was happy to be with Paw Paw and be with her doggie brother and sisters. I always felt bad here because she has always had other chihuahuas in the house with her, and here it's just us and Callie. Who pretended she did not exist.

Aug 29-
The baby kicked my hand today!!!! Rebecca made a face, and I said "What?" She put my hand on her belly and it kicked!! I screamed....I put it back, it kicked, I screamed again.
It has LIMBS!!!!

I also bought a new comforter for my bed, thanks to Shug.

Beside the baby kick, this was the highlight of my day:

Watched College Football and then went to bed.

Aug 30-
Enjoying my off day. I have no idea when I will be off again, so I am savoring it.
And cleaning the house. My floors consist of wood, dog hair, and the sand that she shakes out of the dog hair.

Get a long haired dog they said....

Aug 31-
This day didn't pan out at all like I wanted. The plan was for Scott to bring me to work, go to the grocery store, get all the stuff we needed, get off work and go to my BFF's house for a cookout, then come home and watch the Alabama game.
Scott didn't wake up when I got up and was getting ready, so I stomped out letting him sleep grumbling "I'll just go myself". When I get to work I realize that I left my debit card behind.
Work was typical drama filled, but nothing out of the ordinary.
However, I did have this one woman. I checked her in early, around 11am, because I am friendly and helpful, and even called her 15 minutes later to make sure everything was good, she said it was. Around 2pm she comes to the desk and says someone was in her room. I verified the room number and we went up together. I go in, all Magnum P.I. style, no one was in there. She said "look!" pointing at the luggage. I said "this IS the room I checked you into, right?" she said yes, then realized that the stuff in the room she was looking at was her own. She was scared by her own suitcase.

My knee decided it didn't want to work today and the top of my foot is still on fire, so I walked like Mad Eye Moody all day.
I leave work, drive home to get my debit card, and Scott is wrapped up in a Snuggie, dying. He puked everywhere.
Didn't even want to watch the game, I just went and laid down.
Pish posh.

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