Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dream, Dream, Dream

I don't know a lot about dreams, and their meaning, but I did have a thought. A ponder. A wonder. If I had a thesaurus I would have more examples. Anyway..

I noticed about the 7th or 8th year that I lived in Alabama, that all of my dreams took place in Louisiana. Even if it involved people that I knew only from Alabama. So I started to pay attention.

Even now, I have been back over 2 years, the dreams are still taking place in the same places, but the people change. People that could never have been in the places that they are.

I read once that if you dream of a place, you would have to have been in that place already, and if you see a face, it's a face that you have had to seen already, because the brain can't make that up. Or something. I am not Sheldon Cooper..

So every single one of my dreams take place in the following:
My Mother's house or yard

My Uncle's place in Texas

My Grandparent's old house

My friend Misty's childhood home

My school

So why only places from my childhood? Why not the place I live now, or the house I lived in before that? Why not any of the places Scott and I have lived in 10 years?
Explain, people!!
Oh and I am tired of talking to a person in my dream, and them turning into another person.
And trying to punch someone and it not touch their face.
I am tired of the gun NOT firing, and the car that I am in not moving OR, turning into a BICYCLE that fatty here has to pedal.


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LittleMissSunshine said...

Weird. The majority of my dreams take place at George's too...