Friday, August 16, 2013

August '13 part one

So 3 of my 8 readers noticed I skipped July. My bad.

Aug 1-

Aug 2-
I need!!!!!

Aug 3-
I laid on the couch and watched X Games from morning til after 11pm..
And folded these clothes:

Aug 4-

Lazy day...looked just like the day before

Aug 5-
I am not sure what's up with this guy....

Aug 6-
Getting ready for inspection at work. So, so tired.

Aug 7-
Inspection went awesome!! We scored an "Outstanding"!! Went home and went straight to sleep.

Aug 8-
I bought some decor for our aquarium. 5+ years and never seen a fish. Well at least now there is something in it.

Aug 9-
I am going to be an aunt!

Excited blog

Scott's doctor told him today he had to start exercising and suggested running.
I fell out from laughter.

Aug 10-
Today was Hunter's birthday party. In order for him to have fun, I made sure I didn't speak to him.

Aug 11-
This is my entire life:

Aug 12-
You ever have a work day where you just want to walk away and never look back?
But as always it passed, and I remember why I do what I do.

Aug 13-
I promised her I would not put this on Facebook. So I didn't....

Aug 14-
Off day. Cleaned everything. Cook dinner in a crock pot. I feel so...domestic. Meh, It'll pass.
This was my WHOLE night...

Aug 15-
Very chill work day. Came home, cooked, listen to the iPod.
The weather was awesome-o.

I hope the second half of this month is as kind to me.

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